Love Poetry Books

– A Mouth-Watering Poetry Series

The Sheet’s Secrets Series is a collection of short-read poetry and prose for coupleslovers, and those who still see the value and importance of genuine love and romance in a relationship.
Read them if you want romantic inspirations, read them if you are looking to rekindle the spark you are allowing to die, read them if you are looking for fresh ideas to add essence to your intimate relationship.

This series is suitable for the:

  • The busy professional who loves to enjoy romantic reading.
  • Those new to poetry reading.
  • Those looking for ideas to spice up their relationship.
  • Young lovers.
  • Lovers of poetry.
  • Couples

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Modern Poetry collection

Sultry Hardcover

“Sultry” is a collection of poems that builds on the legacy of the traditional love poem in a daring new way. With its provocative and romantic tone, this poetry collection is for anyone who has felt the allure of desire and been seduced by longing.

In this book, poet r. A. bentinck boldly explores our most human appetite – the need for love, revealing it in all its complexity and beauty. The result is a luscious yet vulnerable lyricism that bentinck weaves into his work with unwavering honesty.

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