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In the end, the poem is not a thing we see; it is, rather, a light by which we may see—and what we see is life.

— Robert Penn Warren
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I’m so close to you 
And I am feeling things I’ve never
Felt before.

I might be shaking 
But it's not out of fear.

So close to you 
I can feel your breath
Slyly caressing my lips and 
I am loving every bit of it.

I am melting like butter
In an overheated pan
As desires slowly turn up
The heat.

Our bodies are like glazed donuts
Under the intensity 
Of this increasing heat.

This slow sultry moment
Has stifle speech,
You don’t need to say
A word because I can read every word
In your eyes.

We are so close 
I can feel your heart beating
For mine,

I might be trembling
But I am not scared. I am
Surrendering to the commands
Of this sultry moment.

Forever in My Heart

It’s the place 
I want you to stay,
Forever in my heart. 
It’s the way I want you to feel,
Forever in my love.

With every single breath, 
I take, 
With every step 
I make,
You are the one 
Who holds my heart.

In this place, I want you to stay,
At peace and ease,
Forever in my heart, 
And always with my love.

The Stars

I know the stars
Love your presence 
As much as I do.

Because on those nights
When you are not here 
With me
They don’t come out
To play,
They play hide and seek
With the clouds, and
They don’t shine brightly.

I know the stars
Love your presence 
As much as I do.

Because when we are 
Under the night skies together,

They create a blanket for us,
They create milky ways,
They shape themselves 
Into constellations and 
They twinkle with extra brightness.

I know the stars 
Enjoy your company
As much as I do,
Because they show it.

Moonlit Skies

I remember that first night
Under the soothing moonlight
That chased the darkness away;

Long enough 
For us to see
Beneath the facades,

Long enough 
For us to see 
The genuineness 
Of the love underneath it all.

Amidst past hurt
And debilitating pain
That love germinated,

Amidst doubts and uncertainties
And lingering fears
That love bloomed.

The love grew.

I remember those nights 
Under moonlit skies when
Our love lit up the starry skies
Right in front of our eyes.

Beyond Beauty

Some girls have 
The body
That would have guys
Going 100 MPH on the highway
And still taking suicidal chances 
For a prolonged backward stare.

Some girls have the wittiness 
And charisma to engage 
Some men intellectually 
While scaring others off.

Some girls are so 
Spiritually gifted
That they bring nothing but 
Pure blessings into your life.

But you,
You are different.
You all these things
Fashioned into one.

Smile Like the Morning Sun

There is a particular place
In the clear sky
Where the morning sun 
Always reaches,


And smile a smile 
That reminds me
So much of yours.

I feel and see your smile
In the warmth 
Of the morning sun.

I Will Carry Your Smile

I’ve learned the value of carrying 
Your smile in my heart, to turn it on 
When my life gets dull.

When things get unbearably tough,
Your smile is my go-to
Source of relief and comfort.

The glow of your smile 
Illuminates my moments 
In ways beyond your imagination.

Thanks for adding life and light 
To my days 
With your angelic smile.

The Delicious Wait

This might sound crazy,
But there is a certain pleasure 
In watching you from a distance,
And soaking up all 
Your countless goodness
Without you knowing it.

Its like living next door 
To a master chef and you get 
To smell his mouthwatering cooking 

He entices your taste buds with
His skilful blending of ingredients
That permeates the atmosphere,
And you can’t help but wait
With finger-licking anticipation
And a watering mouth
For the time to dine
At his buffet table.

As crazy as this may sound,
There is a delectable feeling
Just watching and waiting
For that day when I get to dine
At your dinner table.

I am salivating!

A Walking Contradiction

On the outside 
She is as gorgeous as 
The Cinderella at the ball.

But on the inside
She is the Cinderella 
That the step sisters despise 
And spit on.

She is a walking contradiction,
An enviable specimen 
Of female grace and elegance, 
On the outside,

But on the inside, 
She is a tarnished soul 
With sordid and pain-filled memories.

Don’t Blame Me

Please don’t blame me.

I see your face
In every flower I see,
Just because their beauty
Reminds me so much of you. 
Please don’t blame me
For this.

Don’t blame me when 
I hear the sweet sound
Of your voice in the singing birds 
Up in the mango tree,
The sound of their voices calms
My spirit just like your voice does,
Please don’t blame me.

Please don’t blame me
When I pass by roses and 
Their sweet and uplifting fragrance
Brings a smile to my face
And joy fills my heart.

Somehow mother nature
Finds a way to mimic your uniqueness
And your beauty in so much
Of her essence and innate beauty.

Captivated-You got my attention

You got my attention

she seized 
my senses
and held me captive
with her facile charm.

her smile oozes
it's way into the crevices
of my imagination
there it activated 
my dormant longings.


Oh, baby

she is a 
imagination- exploding 
kind of girl.

she leaves me
for elusive breath
the middle 
of this sweltering day. 

First Time

The first time I felt your love,
I knew my life was about to change.

Back then I didn't know much 
About true love,
But I knew I wanted more.

The first time I felt 
The beat of your heart
I felt the rhythms of love.

It compelled me to dance
To its rhythmic beat,
It was everything I ever wanted,
And I will never let it go.