Modern Poetry Books

Modern poetry books are a genre of literature that focuses on the aesthetic features of language and poetic form. These books often explore the nature of reality, human experience, and emotions through the use of innovative techniques and perspectives. In many ways, modern poetry books can be seen as a continuation of the literary traditions of the past, but with a more experimental approach to both form and content.

Poetry books offer readers a unique perspective on the world and can be a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. If you’re looking for a new poet to read, check out some of the most popular modern poetry books below.

Her Diary-Modern Poetry Books

Her Diary

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The world is a dark place for women. Every day we hear of cases where women are abused, and it’s hard to find the courage to speak out. Her Diary is a compilation of poems and stories that bring awareness to this issue and the effects it has on the lives of women. With the help of these poems, we hope to spark conversation, raise awareness, and empower women everywhere.

poetry collection

Falling for Petals

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Falling for Petals is a collection of poetry about relationships that take an unexpected turn. You might find yourself falling in love with someone you least expected, or maybe finding yourself falling out of love or falling apart altogether. All these poems are grounded in reality and offer a unique perspective on the relationship world around us.



 7 ratings on Amazon

This collection of poetry and prose is seductive and spine-tingling, leaving you wanting more. The toe-curling language and imagery used throughout will keep you hooked until the very last page.

Whether you’re a fan of poetry or prose, there’s something in this book for everyone. So curl up with a cup of tea and enjoy getting lost in this sensual, erotic collection.



9 ratings on Amazon

Sultry is a collection of poetry and prose that explores the sensual and romantic side of love and relationships. The pieces in this collection are written with the intention to provoke and stimulate the reader’s imagination, as well as to elicit an emotional response.

The poet of sultry aims to create a space where the reader can feel safe to explore their own desires, fantasies, and sexuality.

Teen poetry collection

The Flaws in Our Teen

3 ratings on Amazon

The teenage years are often thought of as a time of angst and rebellion. However, there is more to being a teenager than just that. In fact, the teenage years can be a time of great growth and exploration. However, they can also be a time of great confusion and uncertainty.

This poetry collection looks at the teenage years from an unfiltered perspective. It highlights some of the challenges that teenagers face, as well as some of the positive aspects of being a teenager.

my Girl

My Girl

 5 ratings on Amazon

My Girl is a poetry collection by a father and his daughter about their life experiences. The poems are written in a variety of styles. The subjects of the poems range from the father’s love for his daughter to the daughter’s experience of growing up, to the family’s shared history. My Girl is a moving and intimate portrait of a father-daughter relationship told through the lens of poetry.

Of all the Lilies by r. A. bentinck

Of All the Lilies

12 ratings on Amazon

There is something about the indelible moments, places, and individuals that we encounter in our lives that touches us deeply and stays with us forever. These are the moments that make up the fabric of our lives and shape who we are.

Of all the Lilies is a collection of poetry and prose that capture these special moments in a unique way and help us to see why it’s important to cherish and preserve these indelible moments that help to shape our lives.