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Wanna Get Your Lover in the Mood? These Super Sexy Poems Will Do It For You.

Sexy Poems Will Spice-Up The Romance In Your Relationship

Sexy poems
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Dating and relationships can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be. Using these tips along with adding sexy poetry will help you get your lover in the mood and feel comfortable in any situation.

1. Keep things interesting – don’t always do the same thing, spice things up by changing up your date night routine.
2. Surprise her – take a few minutes to plan a special evening for her without telling her what’s going on.
3. Be an attentive listener – she’ll feel heard and loved when you really listen to what she has to say.
4. Laugh together – laughter releases endorphins that can improve mood and make people feel happier.
5. Read poetry or a good book together will enhance the quality of your intimacy

Do you know that reading and sharing sexy poems together is one way of improving the quality of your relationship with your significant other? The following poems are examples of some of those poems that can add spice to your relationship. These sexy poems are exactly what you need to spice up a romantic evening for both of you. You can get creative with the kinds of imagery and metaphors you use to describe how you feel about the one you love.

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Sexy Poems, You Leave Me Breathless

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There are several ways in which you can use poems throughout the day: write a verse on your bathroom mirror using lipstick or a dry board marker as a pleasant surprise. Send a poem text to them while they are at work, or leave a poetry note on the fridge. Explore some of these suggestions or use them as motivation to come up with your own, but whatever you do, be creative and open-minded. You will be rewarded for your efforts big time!

Whisper in my ears the words that will activate the freak in me and bring my garments to my knees.

r. A. bentinck

Sweet Whispers

my lips to your ears
whispering the sweet secrets
you long to hear.

my lips to your ears
saying all the tasteful things
you want to hear.

my lips to your ear
whispering slowly
while i smell
the delightful fragrance
of your hair.

my lips to your ears
telling you
the pleasing things
just to light up your
bright and graceful smile.

When you know how to use the brush right, you can make a masterpiece out of the moment.

r. A. bentinck

The Artist at Work

she asserted.
spread my legs
like your easel
paint me with
your sweetest phantasms.

she pleaded…
dip your brush
in my palette
mix my pigments
so my vivid colours
can burst on the
surface of
the naked canvas.

she implored!
baby, please
don’t stop painting!
i adore
the rhythm of
your brush-strokes
the painterly effect
it leaves on my soul.

With slow and attentive hands mixed with persuasive whispers of words that torment her sensual senses…watch magic unfold.

r. A. bentinck

Falling Clothes

in the fervor
of the moment
her clothes
began to drop
like dried leaves
in the gentle wind.

they collapsed in
a crumpled heap
below her dainty feet.

she stood there
like an unfinished masterpiece 
waiting for the master sculptor 
to apply his finishing touches.

Tease her, please her, don’t be stingy with your sugary words. Be the reason she has insatiable desires.

r. A. bentinck

Dirty Desires

the first time
we met,
she looked me
squarely in the eyes
then whispered

i got the good stuff
you need.
i know how to please.

with a befuddled smile
i muttered,
i hear you cutie.

she got cozier
she murmured,
i’m not gonna lie to you,
every time i see you
i have dirty thoughts
every time i think of you,
i have dirty desires…

you know i’m
all alone, right now,
waiting for you to come over.

I Will Give You Something To Remember Me By With Sexy Poems

Couple kissing with sexy poems books
Poetry and romance

Lying in your loving arms is the place i always grave to be. You set my soul at ease and quench my desires.

r. A. bentinck


i can sleep
with ease
you have
filled me up with  
sufficient goodness.

your legs straddle me
your reassuring arms
remind me of
how much you care.

i can fall asleep
with a peace-filled mind
just because you are
next to me.

Kiss me like there is no tomorrow, kiss me like you are hungry, kiss me like it’s the only language we speak.

r. A. bentinck

On The Phone

on those days
when i hear
your pacifying voice
on the phone,
if only
i could reach
through the technological
barrier and hold you
how different
our conversation would be?

on those days
when distance separates us,
if only
i could cast a spell
and change miles
into inches
how different
the experience would be?

some days i just
yearn to be
closer to you.

Your fingers speak to me in a language only my body hears and understands. Shhhhh, let your fingers speak.

r. A. bentinck

Magical Fingers

they know how and where
to touch me,
your fingers
drive me
screaming crazy.
     you have magical fingers.

your fingers have
a mind of their own
they know
to tease me
and when
to please me.
     your fingers are magical.

Let honeyed words flow from the tips of your lips, long before the warm embrace and passionate kisses

r. A. bentinck

Sweet Talk You

may i have a moment
of your time?
i want to sweet talk you.
i want to tell you
about the joys you bring me.

may i speak to you
away from prying eyes?
i want to sweet talk you.
i want to tell you how much
you mean to me,
may i have a few minutes
of your precious time?

i want to sweet talk you.
i want to sit in
the company of
your radiant smile
and tell you stories while
i get lost in your angelic eyes.

may i have a moment
with you?
i just want
to sweet talk you.

It’s Never Too Much, It’s Never Too Soon

In conclusion, emojis and cliché expressions aren’t enough for seduction; they are the lazy man’s approach. Be daring and come up with more unique romantic ways of communicating with your lover by adding sexy poems to your repertoire of sensual gestures.

It’s a known fact that foreplay starts long before the bedroom. Use poetry to stimulate the mind of your lover and build up the intensity towards that steamy moment when you both give in to the call of coitus.

Whether you’re attempting to attract a new date, reignite an old flame, or keep the romance alive with your partner, the sexy poems shared above will add heat to the moment and variety to your relationship. Whatever you decide to do, put your heart and soul into it and you and your partner will reap the benefits.

Which one of the poems was your favorite, and why? Share in the comment below.

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