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10 Poems That Would Have Made Marvin Gaye Smiled: What I Want To Do To You Sexually Poems

What the science says about reading what I want to do to you sexually poems?

woman reading a book while smoking
Kezyah reading Seduced

Why should you read what I want to do to you sexually poems? Reaching for that alluring poetry book or specific poem may help you better absorb stress, according to science.

The reading of appealing and sexy literature or stuff that is meant to stimulate, according to Sarah Jane, a mental health and sexuality educator, may help you turn your anxiety or worry into positive emotions like excitement rather than dread or overwhelm. In 2012, Neuroscientist Stanislas Dehaene published research on the significant influence of reading on the brain.

While reading sexy literature should not be confused with seeking treatment from a mental health professional (if that’s what your situation demands), choosing that sensuous novel may help you cope with stress better. It may even help you feel better about your own sexuality.

Read the poems below to expand your thinking, excite your creativity, and increase your sensual intelligence. While all forms of sensual media have advantages, scientific data suggests that reading romantic material can enhance your brain.

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10 Carefully Selected What I Want To Do To You Sexually Poems

Making love in the bedroom all the time can lead to monotony and boredom, which can take away from the experience in the long run. Be creative, explore your home, experiment with your partner, and add spice to your love life and the breakfast table is not off-limits. Use it fully!

The Breakfast Table

this breakfast table is
reserved for dining only!
it’s always
meticulously designed,
to please
to satisfy
the eating experience.

but today,
we break all
the dining rules.

plates get tossed!
drinking glasses
get knocked over,
chairs get shoved aside,
the tablecloth gets
extremely wrinkled.

the table is shifting
in countless directions
this once neat
organized surface
has become a battleground
bare-naked bodies
with the flow of
lust-filled rhythms.

woman reading poetry
Abigail reading her copy of Seduced

Your kitchen counter is an ideal place for your in-home love escapade. pay keen attention to details the same way you do when preparing your favorite meal. Add all the ingredients that would flavor the experience. Then after you would have had your appetizer, the main course then dessert; you can reflect on the glorious deeds in each other’s arms.

The Kitchen Counter

this is where
the meat and fish
get chopped and seasoned.

this is where
the finer details
of the meal
get planned and prepared.

this is the heart
of the cooking activities.
but today,
the experience is different.

this is where
the love escapade is
laid out
played out.

this is where
bodies get
tossed and turned.

this is where
the bone merges
with the meat.

this is where
the seasoning is  
in the thinking
the cooking is  
in the doing.

this is where
no salt is needed
to add flavour.

this is where
no sugar is added
to make it sweeter.

this is where
no pepper is needed
to make it hot.

just bodies
obeying the laws
of sensorial gratification.

Girls reading What I Want To Do To You Sexually Poems
Poetry Lovers

It is often said, begin with the end in mind. Climaxing should not be excluded from this prudent advice. It should be a journey and not a destination. Give attention to every minuscule detail along the way, never rushing but operating with slow and calculating precision. Feel every sensation, listen to every sound and take the time to site see like a tourist on vacation.


a slow
spine teasing

a soft
sensual touch
transposed into

butterfly kisses
morph into steamy
tongue wrestling,
while our heartbeat
gallops like racehorses
frolicking in the open fields.

Girl reading What I Want To Do To You Sexually Poems
Ashley reading Seduced

Is there a better sound than to hear your name coming from a mouth that’s expressing satisfaction for your every action? If there is, please tell me in the comments section below. In the meantime, read the poem.

Scream My Name

i must be doing
something right,
we are both
sweaty and slippery
you are
screaming out
my name,
pleading with me for
more and more
of the same.

breathe baby, breathe.

i must be doing
something very right,
we are both
fiending for more
and more
of this breath-taking

Man reading What I Want To Do To You Sexually Poems
Garfield reading in the Canadian summer

With creativity on your mind and the need to please, anything can become an instrument for teasing and pleasing. Turn your smartphone into a potent, seductive tool. Use it for foreplay long before you get into the bedroom-you will love the rewards. Text teasing messages to fondle the senses.

The Text Message

last night was magical!
your fingers were electric
and your tongue
was ineffable.

it seems like every part
of me, you touched
just heightened
the pleasure experiences.

i love
your creativity
in the kitchen,

your explosiveness
in the bedroom
and your
tenderness in
the bathroom.

ooh, baby,
it still turns me on
just thinking about it.

Girl reading What I Want To Do To You Sexually Poems
Raina reading

Sometimes it’s good to put up resistance in the face of the sensual inevitable. It increases the tease and heightens the sensations that are waiting for climatic release.

Slow Surrender

it was never about
the process was long
tantalizingly excruciating.

her daily
of temptation.
her deliberate tease
and tauntings.

the excessive flaunting
of her natural assets.
my increasingly feeble
willpower eventually

i surrendered to
the callings of
her natural tormentors.

Girl reading What I Want To Do To You Sexually Poems
Woman reading a poetry collection

There is a reason experts in the culinary industry add toppings and garnishing to certain types of food. It adds to the aesthetics and, more importantly, it adds to a burst of flavours that keeps you returning for more. Have you tried drizzling honey? Go ahead… you may thank me after you had had your fill.

Drizzled importantly,

in preparation for
the sensual feast
i drizzled honey
all over her already
delicious body.

each drip
dribbled line
an enticing trail to
erogenous regions.

the slow pours
were both tortures



i decorated her body
drizzled honey
just to heighten
the sweetness of
the moment.

Woman reading What I Want To Do To You Sexually Poems
Neelam reading

Ah… words. The right words, said with the perfect tone, can be magical in the moment. They are like aphrodisiacs to a lover’s ears. Go ahead whisper the words you know will activate every sensual sense.


bend down low
and whisper to me
those things you plan to
do to me
with me
when we are
finally alone.

come a little closer
and whisper in my ear
all the horny secrets
you wish no one
to hear.

bend down low
whisper those
sultry words
that make
my imagination

bend down low
whisper to me
once more.

Woman reading What I Want To Do To You Sexually Poems
Dhalia reading in the national library

When was the last time you let your fingers do the talking? Have you perfected the language of the slow and exploring hand? Do it today!

Magical Fingers

they know how and where
to touch me,
your fingers
drive me
screaming crazy.
     you have magical fingers.

your fingers have
a mind of their own
they know
to tease me
and when
to please me.
     your fingers are magical.

Take a break from the regular and be adventurous today. Come armed with your best romantic weapons and don’t be afraid to shoot from the hips. All is fair in this flirtatious game. It will reward all involved.

Risqué Roulette

feathery touches by
trigger happy fingertips
leave us tense
with anticipation.

dirty words
at our wilting
bridled emotions.

eyes locked in
an unflinching
stare down while
begging lips quiver
from the stress of
persisting desires.

who will be
the first to give in?

who will be
the first to break?

What I Want To Do To You Sexually Poems: The Takeaway

What I want to do to you sexually poems is intended to elicit sexual ideas and excitement. Please do not confuse sexual literature with pornography. One is art with a sexual component, while the other is words and images used to stimulate sexual activity.

One of the main purposes of putting together this post was to stimulate, excite, and expose you to some new perspective on a familiar topic. We can all do well with a fresh outlook on intimacy and romance. It adds to the quality of our love life.

Which one of the poems was your favorite, and why? Share in the comments section below.

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