Candlelight Smile: A Poem About Feeling the Warmth of Her

Her Candlelight Smile

Her Candlelight Smile
Her Smile

Candlelight Smile is a poem that celebrates the profound impact of a single smile, acknowledging its ability to bring light and positivity into our lives, even amidst adversity.

It serves as a reminder of the importance of spreading happiness and kindness wherever we go. Read and enjoy.

Candlelight Smile

Driving home in this
Crazy Friday afternoon traffic
Trying my best to find ways
To recuperate
From the negative vibes
Of a job
That doesn’t deserve this much
Of my daylight time.

Reflecting on a world
With a surplus of
Cutthroat humans-
Too many smiles with me
While slowly digging
A grave for me.

It's been a hard slug of a week
I am mentally devalued
But my toughness won’t let me
Give up nor give in.
I can’t afford to.
I auto-parked in the driveway
And pulled myself out of the car
Like a dirty mechanic rag cloth.

When I open the door
There you are
With that candlelight smile
Lighting up my day,
Chasing my worries
To the deserted fields
Where they belong.

Good afternoon never sounds
So sweet,
Your kisses embrace me
And revitalize
Every blood vessel in this
Once withering soul.

I am canceling all Friday evening
Plans with the boys
I wanna bask in the glow
Of your candlelight smile.

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