Poem About Your Crush: Feel the Unforgettable Love Vibes

poem about your crush

poem about your crush
A beautiful woman with a radiant smile

At some point in our lives, we have all experienced feeling a crush on someone and the plethora of emotions that come with this experience.

If you are one such person, here is a poem that you will be able to relate to. Enjoy ‘Crush on You.’

Crush on You (a poem about your crush)

I see you across the way,
But I don't have the testicular courage
To approach a woman
Of your ethereal stature.

You have me quivering
Like leaves in the evening breeze.
You make me weak!

I have an encyclopaedic
Collection of things
To say to you
But I need to figure out where to begin.

Seeing you takes my voice away
And I lose my ability to be coherent.
You make me speechless!

I often struggle to smother
My emotions
When you pass by me
And get a front-seat view
Of your spellbound smile,
And a scent of
Your pore-raising perfume.

You are my kryptonite!

I see you across the way,
But I am yet to figure out a way
To tell you how I truly feel
About you.

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