When I Say I Love You More Poem (powerful declarations of love in a poem)

When I Say I Love You More Poem

“When I say I love you more, I mean that I will always love you more.”

– The Unapologetic Lover
When I Say I Love You More Poem
When I Say I Love You More Poem

There are few things in life more powerful than the declaration of love. When I say I love you more poem is another way of expressing gratitude for genuine love.

The words in these poems can make your heart soar and fill you with warmth and happiness. These declarations can be even more special when they are expressed in a poem.

In this article, we will explore a few examples of powerful declarations of love in a poem.

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Why I Love You Poems.

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Love is Eternal

When I Say I Love You More Poem
When I Say I Love You More Poems

Love is eternal. It is the one thing that we can rely on in this ever-changing world.

When I say I love you, it’s not just a phrase. It’s a promise that I will always be there for you, no matter what happens.

I Love You More

When I say “I love you more,”
It doesn’t mean
I love you more than
You love me.

It means I love you
In a way that’s different
From how you love me.

It means my love for you
Is constantly growing
And strengthening.

It means that no matter
How much I love you now,
I will always love you more
In the future-
You give me reasons to.

When I say

When I say I love you,
I don’t just mean
I like the way you make me feel
At the moment.
I love the moments
We’ve shared,
All the laughs and
Enlightening conversations.

Whenever I’m with you,
I feel like it’s where
I’m meant to be.
Your presence is so calming,
And your love is elevating.
You show me daily
What having a blessing looks
And feels like.

There’s nothing I wouldn’t
Do for you,
No mountain is too high to climb,
No river is too deep to cross,
No challenge too grand
For me to take on,
You are worthy of it all.

I will do it just for you!

Every time I think about you,
My heart beats a joyful rhythm
And my body smiles from
The warm embrace
Of the sweet thoughts of you.

The Joys You Bring

You bring joy to my days
In unspeakable ways,

Your smile and your laughter
Add colour to every moment.

The way you touch my heart
In that special kind of way
Every time,

Makes me glad
That you’re a part of my life.

Life can throw rocks at my head
And put thorns in my bed,
But the joys you bring will
Always soothe me.

Your joy gives me the strength
To go on. The joys you bring,
That makes living worthwhile.

The power of words in a relationship

When I Say I Love You More Poem
When I Say I Love You More Poem

When it comes to relationships, words are everything. They can build someone up or tear them down.

Use words to make the other feel good. Compliments, declarations of love, and other kind words can help keep a relationship strong.

It’s More than “I Love You”

When I say “I love you”
It doesn’t mean
Just what you think,
It means
I enjoy being with you
And I have yet
To find anything
That compares to
The feeling I get
When I am with you
And when I think about you.

When I say “I love you”
It doesn’t mean just for today,
It means I loved you yesterday,
And I will be loving you even more
It means I love you transcendentally.

You give me reasons to smile
In the mornings,
In the afternoons,
In the evenings, and
Even in my dreams.

You always make things worthwhile
With your gentle touch,
With your soothing voice,
With your celestial love, and
With your sweet inspiration.

You’ve given my heart reasons
To smile a different smile,
And for that,
I’ll always be grateful.

When You are Near Me

Whenever you are near me
I can’t help but feel happy,
I can forget all my troubles
And life’s unfriendly faces-

Whenever you are near me
Even the birds sing
With a sweeter melody.

Whenever you are near me
I feel like nothing can go wrong
We share a special connection,
My life has new meaning-

Whenever you are near me
Even the breeze blows differently,
It’s warmer and more friendly.
Whenever you are near me
I feel so alive I can’t help but smile
And feel at peace-

Whenever you are near me
The butterflies come out to frolic
Just for you and me.

Your presence
Is so inviting and invigorating,
Whenever you’re around me
It feels like a magical world.

I Loved You Before

I know I loved you before,
Your love
Is the kind of love
I yearned for,
The kind I fantasized about,
The kind I silently prayed for.

I know it’s the love I needed
Because here I am basking in
All of the sweetness you bring.

No matter what happens
In the future,
I know that the taste
And memories
Of this love will be
Forever etched in the archives
Of my selective heart.

The importance of understanding your partner

When I Say I Love You More Poem
When I Say I Love You More Poem

In order to have a successful relationship, it is important for partners to understand each other.

A recent study found that couples who reported higher levels of understanding of their partner were also more likely to report higher levels of satisfaction in their relationship.

Being able to communicate effectively and feel like you truly know your partner is important for both happiness and longevity.

A Gentle Reminder

When I say words
“I love you more,”
I’m not trying to outdo you.

I’m just reminding you
That my love for you
Is never-ending.

It doesn’t matter
How many times the seasons change,
Or how many times night comes
Before the day,
My love for you will still bloom,
It will still glow.

No matter what happens
In this world, I know that
I will always know
What it feels like to love.

You’re so many things wrapped into one.

A friend,
An inspiration,
An influencer,
A motivator,
A symbol of royalty.

So when I say “I love you more,”
It’s not because I want to one-up you.
It’s because I want to let you know
That my love for you is infinite.

The Love You Bring

Your love is not flavorless,
Its taste perks up
My sensual senses
And give my imagination flight
Like migrating birds
In morning sunlight.

The kind of love you give
Is enchanting-
It elevates me to mysterious places
Where I am at peace and one
With every virgin moment.

The kind of love you share
Is liberating-
It frees me from the shackles
Of inferiority and commonality;
It gives me permission
To be free.

The importance of love in our lives

When I Say I Love You More Poem
I Love You More Poem

Love is an emotion that is felt by everyone at some point in their lives.

It is a feeling of strong attachment or admiration and caring for someone or something. Love is the foundation of a happy and fulfilling life.

It is important to have someone to share your life with, to love and be loved by. Love brings joy, happiness, and contentment into our lives. It is the driving force behind all relationships, whether they are between friends, family members, or spouses.

I Hear Your Voice

I never knew what
The voice of love
Sounded like until
I heard you speak,

It’s like a soothing melody
That I can’t get out of
My head.

I hear your voice
It’s like music to me,
Making me feel whole.

I close my eyes
And let your voice wash over me,
Filling me with warmth and love
I can’t help but smile;
Hearing you speak
Fills my heart with joy.


I feel comfortable with
And around you.

I don’t have to worry or stress,
I can be myself and
Leave the façade behind.

It feels like I’ve known you for years.
We not only share common interests,
But mutual respect.

I can be myself around you
There’s no need for pretense,

You accept me for who I am
And that makes me feel whole.

Looking in Your Eyes

I see so much goodness in you,
Your eyes tell me
The unfiltered story.

I see the tenderness in your eyes
It’s something I can’t deny,
I see the way you look at me
When you are at ease, and it tells me
All I need to know.

I see the joy in your eyes
Every time you smile at me,
I can feel your positive vibes
Enveloping me.

I see the confidence in your eyes
Whenever you speak of your
Goals and dreams
And it fascinates me.

I see the compassion in your eyes
When you speak about your desire,
To help those in need and
I know the world is a better place
Just because you are in it.

When I look into your eyes,
There’s no need for words
I see your true essence
Speaks with such clarity.

The when I say I love you more poem will touch you in secret places.

– Poetry Lover


In conclusion, when I say I love you more poem is a powerful declaration of love. The poet’s use of words is beautiful and shows the depth of their feelings.

These poems are a reminder that love should be expressed often and with feelings. It is a call to action to tell the people we love that we love them more.

If you found value in these when I say I love you more poem, feel free to share them with someone special.

Bentinck is a bestselling author in Caribbean and Latin American Poetry, he is a multifaceted individual who excels as both an artist and educator.

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