Problems with Teenage Pregnancy: Exposing the Graphic Truth with Poetry

Problems with Teenage Pregnancy

Medical uncertainties- one of the problems with teenage pregnancy Photo by MART PRODUCTION

When teen pregnancy rates started to climb in the 90s, many people blamed Hollywood for glamorizing such a dangerous lifestyle. But today, with rates still rising, there’s clearly more to the problem than just movies.

Teens are getting pregnant at an alarming rate and many are facing difficult choices about whether or not to keep their babies. In this collection of poems, the poet explores the problems with teenage pregnancy from all angles.

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Poems About the Problems with Teenage Pregnancy

Poems about the problems with teenage pregnancy are often emotional, honest, and starkly real. They express the joys, sorrows, and anxieties of young people who have to deal with such a difficult situation.

Teenage mothers often feel pressure to keep their pregnancies a secret, but writers have also found a way to highlight the difficulties of teens raising children in a world that often doesn’t understand them.

The Problems with Teenage Pregnancy

Most teens today are not ready for
The responsibility of a child,
And often end up
Feeling stressed and alienated.

The father
Is often nowhere to be found
And the child is stuck
In the middle of
A family and societal storm.

Often these teen mothers  
Don’t have a stable home
So the child is raised
In a chaotic environment
And fed a steady diet of
Criticism and discrimaination.

Is it fair
To bring a life into this world
When you can’t even provide for it?

Teen Pregnancy

Pregnant teen belly
Problems with teenage pregnancy-adjusting to body change Photo by Dhemer Gonçalves

Teenage pregnancy is a common problem. It’s estimated that 1 in 4 girls ages 13 to 17 will get pregnant during their lifetime. This statistic is rising each year, and there are several reasons for this.

Some teenage girls don’t know how to prevent getting pregnant, others don’t believe they can get pregnant, and still, others think having a baby is the only way to escape problems at home or at school.

The Joys of Teenage Pregnancy

The joys of teenage pregnancy
Are only ever spoken of in

Unlike the boisterous
Public criticism.

Most people act as if
It’s something dirty or taboo,
The most sinful act ever committed!

But what’s the big deal?

It’s a natural thing
That happens to lots of
Teen girls,

And yet we act like
It’s the end of the world
When really, it just might be
The beginning.

Teenage Pregnancy

It’s not something you should
Take lightly,
It’s not one of your teenage
Virtual reality games,

It’s not one of the games
You can easily win.

Once it starts, it’s hard to stop,
The consequences are high
And your future is at stake.

Think long and hard before
You play Russian Roulette
With unprotected sex.

Don’t let your emotions
Usurp your intellect and
Logical reasoning
You have your whole life
Ahead of you,

Don’t give in
To a moment’s adventure
And potentially ruin your future.

Adolescent Childbirth, Miscarriage, and Abortion

Adolescent childbearing is on the rise, and with it, rates of both adolescent pregnancy and abortion. The physiological and emotional changes that occur during puberty can lead to risky decisions regarding sex and childbirth.

Adolescents are also more likely to seek out abortions than older women. Miscarriage rates for adolescents are also high, as are rates of infant death following a stillbirth or early birth. Understanding these risks is important so that adolescents can make informed decisions about their reproductive health.

pregnancy test
Uncertainty is one of the problems with teenage pregnancy, Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich

Twin Tale-Mary’s Story

This was no
Immaculate Conception,
Mary and her boyfriend was
Just fooling around.

She got pregnant.

The pressure that came with
That realization was unimaginable.
Hiding from her classmates,

How would she finish school?
What would mom and dad say?
How would her boyfriend take the news?

She didn’t know what to do.

To her boyfriend, she broke the news,
But he became a flip-flopping fool
And couldn’t make up his mind.

So, she decided one day to visit
The doctor.

She said he forcibly evicted the fetus
From her womb and after
Stuffing it
Into a jar with fluid,
He gave her the news.

“They were twins,” she said calmly.

I saw the horror in her face
And felt her pain as she grabbed her now
Vacant tummy.

“Twins! Twins! Twins!” she screamed softly.

Her tears flowed like torrential rain.
She was feeling pain only a mother
Could understand.


Wasn’t that her blessing?
Why didn’t the doctor advise her
Or counsel her?

I sat in her pregnant sadness
Silently thinking,
And questions started popping up:
What’s the purpose of the Hippocratic Oath?
Did those jars conceal their silent screams?

What does the abortionist do with
These everyday memories?
What was he thinking while staring
Into a young girl’s eye?
Does he have a daughter?

It wasn’t
Immaculate Conception,
But they were twins.

Isn’t that some kind of sin?

I am in no position to judge
But after all these years
I can still recall Mary’s story
And for me
The pain and sadness
Never fades.
They were twins.

My Unborn Loss

I can never understand why
Those memories still slice my heart
Into so many pieces…every time!

Now am recollecting:
Spilled hopes and dreams,
Folded premature plans,
A multitude of “what if?” and “how come?”
Scattered on the floor like
Unkempt toys
Amidst a bundle of simple yet
Unanswered questions.

I still have those names
Rich with meanings
And I still visualize faces.

These memories don’t take any coaxing
As they awake
In the middle of the night
From forgotten cribs.

So here I am again gently rocking;
Spilled hopes and dreams,
Folded premature plans,
A multitude of “what if?” and “how come?”
Scattered on the floor like
Unkempt toys
Amidst a bundle of simple
Yet unanswered questions.

They know my face well,
And at times they are
So bold they cry out in public places
And mock my strength and resilience.

So here I am rushing to cradle:
Spilled hopes and dreams,
Folded premature plans,
A multitude of “what if?” and “how come?”
Scattered on the floor like
Unkempt toys,
A bundle of simple
Yet unanswered questions,
Diaper pinned to my aching heart.

Adolescent Pregnancy: Early Fatherhood

Early Fatherhood
The problems with teenage pregnancy-teen dad reality, Image by BlueAngel16 from Pixabay

Early fatherhood has been shown to have several benefits for adolescent males. These include increased self-esteem, better mental health, and higher levels of relationship satisfaction. However, early fatherhood is also associated with risks, such as greater rates of relationship problems and incarceration. It is important for adolescents to understand the risks and benefits of early fatherhood in order to make the best decision for them.

A Teenage Daddy

Sometimes teen fathers
Are forgotten.
They have feelings too,
They know what it feels like
To be scared and alone too,

Especially when there is
No one to provide
Constructive advice
Instead, of a surplus of
Depressive criticism.

There are teen fathers who want
To do what’s best for their child,  
But they don’t always know how.

Being a teen father
Is hard enough but
Not many seem to care
About what they are experiencing.

Teen fathers often go unmentioned
And unnoticed, but they are there,
They are loving and caring
For their young family
Amid all the teenage chaos.

Tale of a Young Dad

I became a father suddenly,
My girlfriend blindsided me
When she told me
We were having a baby.

I was so unprepared, and
She acted like it was
No big deal.

My palms became sweaty,
My mouth was dry and tasteless,
And in an instance
My girlfriend looked and sounded
Differently to me.

I was so mad,
I was so scared,
I was so excited,
I was so uncertain,
I was an emotional strainer.

And the internal interrogation started:

Why didn’t you pull out in time?
How the hell are you going
To raise this baby?
Can you afford it?
What will your parents say?

Do you know how to be a good father?
You are just a teen,
What you know about being
A father?

Now you are screwed!

Teen Dad Blues

The omnipresent questions on
The minds of teen fathers-

What does the future hold?
Should we just be happy with today
And not worry about
The money we don’t have?

Should we waste time worrying
About whether or not
We’re good enough
To be a great father?

Our child is now priority
And we must now provide for them.

Sometimes it feels so hard
We love our child more than anything
In the world-
Well, maybe except for our video games.

We now need to learn
How to do what it takes
To raise this child in the right way.

Teen Motherhood: Social and Economic Consequences

Teen Motherhood
Problems with teenage pregnancy-teen mom reality Photo by Monstera

Teen motherhood is a growing social phenomenon in the world. The economic consequences of teen motherhood are significant, as teen mothers are more likely than other mothers to experience poverty and to have lower educational attainment and employment rates.

Ode to Teen Mothers

Sometimes we’re young
And in love and
Life is just starting.

But we make dumb choices.

We never thought
It would be us
But then a baby comes,

And we get caught in the stream
Of criticism and public shaming.

On top of everything else
We’re now dealing
With the stress of being
A teen mother

But we’re strong,
And we can do this
Our babies are worth it.

The Hard Choice

We’re not given a choice
When we find out
We’re pregnant.

We’re just teens,
What can we do?

Our parents and society say
It’s not right,
Society places us in
Criticism time out and
Our world is laden
With lots of chaos
Ripe for the picking.

But how can they understand?
They never take the time to understand!

But this is
Our life,
Our child,

And we’ll do whatever it takes
To make it work out,

We will survive,
We will strive with our
New family.


In conclusion, the problems with teenage pregnancy are a serious issue that affects not only the mother and child but also society as a whole. These poems help to bring awareness to the varied faces of teenage pregnancy. They are meant to be eye-opening and thought-provoking.

It is my hope that these poems will help to educate people about the reality of teenage pregnancy and inspire them to take action to prevent its prevalence but also help teen parents to adjust to their new reality.

Bentinck is a bestselling author in Caribbean and Latin American Poetry, he is a multifaceted individual who excels as both an artist and educator.

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