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Teenage Girl Problems Today

Challenges of being a teenager
Sasha Davis–Co-author of The Flaws in Our Teen

It’s easy to overlook that typical teenage girl problems are still a significant source of concern for many teen girls. Teenagers now have access to a new world because of technological advances. Communication and the development of new friendships are only a mouse click away. But how has this technological innovation affected the adolescent generation? With technological advancements, today’s teenagers face a distinct set of problems that were not faced by their predecessors in prior generations.

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” igave life one more chance i attempted to try happiness one more time.”

– Sasha Davis: One More Chance

Teenage girls today are dealing with difficulties that have never been faced by any earlier generation before them. While some of the concerns that adolescents experience are not new, the usage of electronic media has altered or aggravated some of the difficulties that they are experiencing.

Teenagers’ relationships with their classmates and potential love partners have changed as a result of the widespread availability of internet connectivity and communication.

“i could always tell when they lied disguising the selfish gain with genuine interest.”

– Sasha Davis: Ugly

Many teenagers lack crucial interpersonal communication abilities, such as the ability to recognize social cues, which are necessary for successful adulthood. There is strong evidence that the overuse of electronic devices is a contributing factor to this dysfunction.

Besides altering their communication, dating, and learning habits, teens’ usage of social media and texting is also altering their sleep and exercise routines, among other things.

When it comes to technical devices, the average adolescent spends more than nine hours per day interacting with them. Some issues that young girls confront are exacerbated because of these variables.

” i remember your long strides through my heart and your quick withdrawal from my body…”

– Sasha Davis: Memory

10 Common Teenage Girl Problems

We often believe that adolescence is the most enjoyable and, not to mention, the most perplexing period of teens’ life. The teens’ raging hormones, on the one hand, encourage them to try their hands at a variety of activities. Teens girls also experience several bodily changes that cause them to seek withdrawal from everyday activities in their school and home environment.

The most common problems that girls face are those associated with their looks, education, problems with boys, peer pressure, self-esteem, substance abuse, menstruation, and other such issues as these. The following are the top ten issues that teenagers are now dealing with.

  • Depression
  • Dating
  • Bullying
  • Engaging in sexual activity
  • Substance Abuse
  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages
  • Obesity
  • Having difficulties in school
  • Peer Pressure
  • Using social media

In this poem, sixteen from the poetry collection The Flaws in Our Teen, Sasha Davis captures her experiences of teenage girl problems well. Listen to the poem below:

” had escaped the clutches of immaturity…”

– Sasha Davis: Sixteen

Puberty: Teenage Girl Problems

Puberty is a time of great change, both physically and emotionally, for teenage girls. It can be a difficult and confusing time, as they experience new and unfamiliar feelings and changes to their bodies.

Many girls feel self-conscious and awkward during puberty, which can lead to low self-esteem and body image issues. Additionally, hormonal changes can cause mood swings and irritability, which can make it hard for girls to manage their emotions.


Written by Sasha Davis, narrated by Monique Gill

embarking on another journey seemed
scary i had just embraced being fifteen
i never imagined the great emphasis i
placed on adding a year onto my life.

i had escaped the clutches of immaturity
i had now come face to face with the
new impediments of life.

the pressures that are conclusive of
having low self-esteem, arising health
problems and a haunting past would
only seem to become greater with a
another year added to my life.

i seem to have been losing at every
point and quickly crumbling under
the pressure of this picture that is painted
around maturity.
what people and magazines fail to tell
you is that meeting this newfound
maturity is not always as glamorous as
you’ve pictured it.

now that i’m sixteen i can officially say
that i am still growing
and learning when it comes to
everything life presents to me on a
deceptively highly decorated platter.

i still look in the mirror and inspect
every flaw, and a scar that paints its way
from the tip of my head to my chin
the illusion of the perfect high-school
boyfriend still is scorched in my mind
along with the many dents,
that illusion brought.

the memory and reality of a broken girl
still embodies me
i am still the lost girl who is constantly
fighting to have a boldness that draws
in onlookers but i still remain a bunny
in a den of lions. still timid
and most times passive.

and i am still learning that it’s okay to
be flustered allowing myself
to grow without the speed limits
and timers i tried to place on it.

there is a certain beauty about a
wandering teenager because even the
most mature adults are inwardly still
scared teenagers.

i don’t owe you the breath from my lungs.
– Sasha Davis: Individual

Relatable Teenage Girl Problems

There are a number of issues that teenagers face that can be considered “problems.” For example, many teenagers struggle with identity issues, body image issues, and social pressure.

Additionally, many teenagers experience academic pressure and stress, as they try to juggle school work with extracurricular activities and social lives. While these problems may seem daunting, it is important to remember that they are all relatable teenage girl problems.


Written by Sasha Davis, narrated by Monique Gill

i don’t owe you my light
in your darkness.

i don’t owe you
the smile that dances
above my chin just beneath
the tip of my nose.

i don’t owe you
the breath from my lungs.
i don’t owe you
the laughter in my soul,
the fire in my eyes,
the beat of my heart.

you don’t get to have me at my best
when you discarded me
at my worst.

my heart is not your playground,
my feelings are not your playthings,
my tears are not your swimming pools,
and my mouth is not your garden.

my body is not your forest,
my fingertips are not your branches.

i don’t hold roots in this world
but one of a higher calling
i’m a seed sown in rich soil
i’m an individual immersed in
my own self.

” they didn’t recognize the fake smile that played on her lips…”
– Sasha Davis: You Don’t Know Her

Alienation-Another Common Teen Girl Issue

The teenage years are often a time of great turmoil and upheaval. One of the most common problems that teenagers face is alienation.

This can be caused by a number of factors, such as feeling like an outsider at school, feeling misunderstood by parents, or simply feeling like you don’t fit in anywhere.

Alienation can lead to a sense of isolation and loneliness and can be a very difficult problem to overcome.

You Don’t Know Her

Written by Sasha Davis, narrated by Monique Gill

it angers me that so many people
claimed that they knew her
understood her
mourned with her
when they are ignorant of what she
believed, or fought for.

they didn’t
recognize the fake smile that played on
her lips, or the way her eyes gradually
got dimmer over time.

they looked at the surface,
and barely glanced at the roots.
they chose to hear genuine laughter
when in actuality she was one more tear
away from crumbling
they decided to focus on her galling
tendencies instead of wondering if it
was her way of covering up a hidden scar.

don’t you dare cry at her funeral 
because the truth is you never knew her.

you choose to study a version of her
that suited your interest temporarily,
not who she really was.

don’t cry for a girl you barely know
because how can you truly mourn when
you don’t even know what you’ve lost?

Rape: Experienced by Many Teenage Girls

There is no one answer to this question as it is a complex and sensitive issue. However, we can say that rape is a serious problem that affects many teenage girls.

This is often due to the fact that they are not yet fully developed physically or emotionally, which makes them more vulnerable to attack. They may also be less likely to report the crime, out of fear or shame. This means that the true extent of the problem is likely much higher than what is officially reported.

” Your eyes explored like a lion who’s meal was long overdue…”
– Sasha Davis: R.A.P.E.


Written by Sasha Davis, narrated by Monique Gill

your fevered hands searched me
as if (it contained the answers to your
nightmares) you were searching for a
spark of light in the darkness.

your eyes explored like a lion
who’s meal was long overdue
your lips were pinned keeping in
the multitude of perverted thoughts your
mind carried.

your harsh ragged breaths spread
roughly around my neck paralyzing me
in fear
but who gave you the authority
the utmost permission to take me
until you were satisfied?

who gave you the right to continue as i
relentlessly pushed your hand away?
what power did you possess far beyond
human moral that encouraged you to
rub against me while my innocence
leaked away?

who whispered such violent thoughts
in your ears? convincing you i’d be
the perfect dummy to utilize
never did the word okay escape my
jagged cries.

but i suppose no never managed to
peek its scared frame out either
rushed hands
angered thoughts
polluted mind
innocence lost.

“i’ve sat back and thought on all the lies i was fed as a child.”

– Sasha Davis: Bogeyman

How You Can Help With Teenage Girl Problems?

To summarize, today’s teenagers are confronted with a wide range of issues, many of which are interwoven and dependent on one another. Parents, teachers, and other caregivers must be aware of the issues that today’s teenage girls face and be prepared to alleviate those fears to the best of their abilities.

Make them feel at ease by being their best friend and guiding them without making them feel obligated to do anything. Between the ages of 13 and 19, children go through a lot of physical and mental growth changes, thus the experts termed it the “turbulent” time. Handling these challenges with compassion and love is one of the most effective techniques.

What was the most challenging part of being a teenager for you? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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