Poetry Quotes That Will Help You Empathize With The Difficulties Of Teenage Life

Poetry Quotes About Teens

Teenagers are faced with a lot of difficult decisions. They have to figure out who they want to be and what they stand for. They have to find their place in the world, and that’s not easy when you’re still figuring out your identity. This can be hard for teenagers because they often feel like they don’t fit in anywhere. They live in a world where their emotions are constantly fluctuating, and it can feel like there is no one who really understands them. However, we know that feeling alone isn’t true! Here are some quotes from two poets who understand how teenagers feel:

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Teen Rape and Assault

The statistics on teen sexual assault are shocking. An adult sexually abuses or assaults one out of every nine juvenile girls and one out of every 53 teen boys aged 18 and under. Females account for 82 percent of all victims under the age of 18. Victims of rape attempted sexual assault, or sexual assault are four times more likely to be females aged 16-19 than the overall population.

“your eyes explored like a lion who’s meal was long overdue your lips were pinned keeping in the multitude of perverted thoughts your mind carried.”

Poet Sasha Davis
— Sasha Davis: R.A.P.E.

“somedays she carried herself like a dirty rag doll, on other days she was the excited princess with a skip in her steps and sparkles in her eyes.”

picture of the poet Randy Bentinck
— r. A. bentinck: Touched (for that Young Girl)

Hormonal Changes

Hormonal changes and challenges are a reality of puberty, and some of us suffer more in our teens than others. At times we are exposed to ridicule and discrimination as a result of some of these changes making it very difficult for some of us to cope and fit in with the crowd.

“my friends’ faces are smooth as a baby’s bottom, my cheeks are rough as an unkempt gravelled road.”

picture of the poet Randy Bentinck
— r. A. bentinck: Pimples Paradise


“i can recall every threat, lie, and an empty promise that awaited me if i disobeyed any rule my mother set in place.”

Poet Sasha Davis
— Sasha Davis: The Bogeyman


“i get beat down because i declined to share the answer to a test question.”

picture of the poet Randy Bentinck
— r. A. bentinck: The Bully’s Toy

Body Issues

“i could tell, when their eyes slid off of me their mouths screwed up in disgust the silent whispers and snide comments the ridicule the look of disdain.”

Poet Sasha Davis
— Sasha Davis: Ugly

Self-doubt is a real issue during our teen years and it’s a challenge most teens find difficult to navigate.

“she is a natural beauty in so many ways, but all that flows from her mouth is self-hatred.”

picture of the poet Randy Bentinck
— r. A. bentinck: Conversations With a Young Girl

Peer Pressure

“i am going to cough up my lung anytime now! by the time that happens i will be too blind to see it or find it..”

picture of the poet Randy Bentinck
— r. A. bentinck: My First Joint


“i gave my heart and trust to a devil who took it with a smile and used me until he was done then discarded me into a pile.”

Poet Sasha Davis
— Sasha Davis: One More Chance

“am back at this place again, i have fallen for love once more. this time she came dressed as the most beautiful young girl in our school.”

picture of the poet Randy Bentinck
— r. A. bentinck: Falling for Love again

“running through hills and valleys just to see you. bracing storms and heavy rains to feel the beat of your heart.”

Poet Sasha Davis
— Sasha Davis: Coldness

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Bentinck is a bestselling author in Caribbean and Latin American Poetry, he is a multifaceted individual who excels as both an artist and educator.

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