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17 Seductive Poems That Will Make You Feel Sexy Things You Never Thought Possible

Seductive Poems

A Woman reading Seductive Poems

There’s something about seductive poems that just get under your skin.

Whether it’s the sensual language, the suggestive images, or the promise of what’s to come, these poems make us weak in the knees.

So dim the lights, pour some wine, and settle in for a steamy night of reading. These 17 seductive poems will have you feeling things you never knew were possible.

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Poems of Seduction

Poems of seduction are those which explore the sensual and sexual side of love. They are written to entice and tantalize their readers, and to provoke feelings of desire.

These poems often make use of imagery and language that is suggestive, in order to create an atmosphere of intimacy and longing.

The goal of a poem of seduction is to awaken the senses and stir emotions, leading the reader into a state of wanton anticipation.

Linger a Little Longer

on days like this 
when you look 
so fine,
am tempted to ask…
linger a little longer.

you light up
the atmosphere 
glorious vibes 
electrifying smile,
why wouldn’t you 
linger a little longer?
i can’t face the thought that 
you must go 
so soon,
so i’m building up the courage to say,
linger a little longer.

it’s not every day i get to 
see you this way,
you ought to 
linger a little longer.

i’m running out of reasons 
to ask you to wait a while 
so please,
just linger a little longer.

The Aftermath

pitch black stillness 
in a cosy bedroom.

the moon
sneak a peak
through the crease
in the heavy curtain.

its beamy eyes
reveal the glistening
glow of your satisfied body
lay listless 
in the aftermath
of a battle with
racy emotions.

The Little Things

it’s the little things
i wanna do with you.

i wanna run 
and bathe in
the rain
with you.

i wanna stay 
up all night
with you.

i wanna cook 
nutritious meals
for you.

it’s the little things
i wanna do for you.

i wanna hand-picked
for you.

i wanna play
the fool 
for you.

i wanna be 
there for you.

i wanna do 
all these little things 
just for you.


she sized me up
from across the room.
she approached me
with confident strides,
stare me
dead in the eyes
then said bluntly

i will do things
to you
with you
that you will

Deep Seductive Poems

Deep seductive poems are ones that evoke a deep sense of longing and desire in the reader.

They are often filled with imagery and language that is both beautiful and sensual, making them irresistible to read.

These poems can be incredibly powerful and moving, leaving the reader feeling deeply affected by the words.

The Kitchen Counter

this is where 
the meat and fish
get chopped and seasoned.

this is where 
the finer details
of the meal 
get planned and prepared.

this is the heart
of the cooking activities.
but today,
the experience is different.

this is where 
the love escapade is 
laid out
played out.

this is where 
bodies get 
tossed and turned.

this is where 
the bone merges 
with the meat.

this is where 
the seasoning is  
in the thinking
the cooking is  
in the doing.
this is where 
no salt is needed
to add flavour.

this is where 
no sugar is added
to make it sweet.

this is where 
no pepper is needed
to make it hot.

just bodies
obeying the laws
sensorial gratification.  


a slow 
spine teasing

sensual touches
transposed into

butterfly kisses
morph into steamy 
tongue wrestling,
our heartbeat
gallops like racehorses
frolicking in the fields. 

The Breakfast Table

this breakfast table is 
reserved for 
dining only!

it’s always 
meticulously designed 
to please 
to satisfy
the eating experience.

but today, 
we break all
the dining rules.

plates get tossed!
drinking glasses
get knocked over!
chairs get shoved aside!
the tablecloth gets 
extremely wrinkled.

the table is shifting
in countless directions
this once neat 
organised surface
has become a battleground
bare-naked bodies
with the flow 
lust filled rhythms. 

Scream My Name

i must be doing
something right,
we are both 
sweaty and slippery
you are 
screaming out
my name,
pleading with me for 
more and more 
of the same.

breathe baby, breathe.

i must be doing
something very right,
we are both
fiending for more
and more 
of this breath-taking

Let’s Do It Again

what did you just do to me?
you have me
screaming my head off
in ecstasy.

you have 
rearranged my senses,
you have 
redefined my definition
‘blow my mind,’
you have
have me searching
for my next breath.

my squeals are 
neighbourhood disturbingly loud.

i buried my head
in the pillow 
to muffle the loudness
even the pillow explodes.

what did you just do to me?
let’s do it again! 

The Seductive Poetry Collection

The poems in this post were taken from Seduced. If you are enjoying them feel free to grab a copy of the full collection from the link below.

A Book of Seductive Poems

This book is a compilation of some of the most sensual writing you will ever lay your eyes on. The words flow off the page and into your mind, leaving you wanting more and more.

Each turn of the page brings new delights, new thrills, and new desires. You will be seduced by the poetry and prose within these pages, and you will never want to leave.

Seductive Poems for Her

Seductive poems can be a great way to turn up the heat in your relationship.

Whether you’re looking to spice things up in the bedroom or simply want to express your deepest desires, these poems are sure to get the job done.

However, it’s important to remember that not all women are the same, so be sure to tailor your poem to her specific needs and desires.

Burn Baby

here it is,
the precise moment
you have worked 
diligently for.

the time right,
this generous mood is idle.
ignite me.

gently put your polished wood in
my unquenchable fire,
make me burn,
burn, baby,

watch me eagerly
while i blaze fiercely
out of control,
heed my passionate pleas
for more of 
your fiery heat.

faithfully attend to my sparks
while they constantly fly
add earnestly more wood
to my smoldering fire. 


it was more 
a slow burn
an engulfing flame.

her essence 
her charm
took hold of me
s l o w l y.

she squeezed her way
into my daily thoughts
dominated my dreams.

Catch the Fire

you carefully lit me up
like a solitary candle 
in the dark.

you eagerly ask for 
more dazzling light
i burn brighter.

you sincerely ask for 
more heat
my fierce flames 
got hotter.

my wax melted
and i started
to worry about
my ability to 
sustain the consuming fire 
you seek. 

The Text Message

last night was magical!
your fingers were electric
and your tongue
was ineffable.

it seems like every part
of me you touched 
just heightened 
the pleasure experience.

i love
your creativity
in the kitchen,
your explosiveness
in the bedroom
tenderness in the bathroom.
ooh, baby,
it still turns me on
just thinking about it.

Short Seductive Poems for Her

These short seductive poems for her are the perfect way to turn up the heat in your relationship. Each one is designed to get her heart racing and her mind thinking about you.

Whether you want to send her a poem for Valentine’s Day, or just because, these will definitely get the job done.

Hypnotic Eyes

i get lost in 
your tender gaze
as your eyes
wrestle mine.

i get lost in 
the eternity of 
your stare.

your eyes
a thousand tales
insatiable desires.

i get hypnotized
by your sedating eyes
lost in the eternity
of your gaze.


i want to 
seduce you
the edge of
your flaming desires
heart-pounding sensations 
your breath away.


i can taste the 
salacious words
at the tips 
your succulent lips
i get intoxicated.

i embraced 
your glistening body
your warm 
slippery sweetness 
make me drunk.

i can smell 
the pure essence
your natural fragrance
it makes me high.

The Spot

after endless searches
he finally found
her arduous pleasure spot.

her eyes
glowed with delight,
her body buckles under
the pressure of 
excess pleasure


she whispered
sweetly with 
trembling voice,
don’t stop baby,
please, don’t stop. 

Final Thoughts on Seductive Poems

When thinking about seductive poems, it’s important to remember that they’re designed to tantalize and entice the reader.

They should be suggestive, yet still, leave something to the imagination.

The best seductive poems are those that make the reader feel as if they’re part of the experience, almost as if they can taste, smell, and feel what’s happening in the poem.

There’s something incredibly alluring about a well-crafted seductive poem.

r. A. bentinck
r. A. bentinck

r. A. bentinck is a #1 Best Seller author in Caribbean & Latin American Poetry, He is an Artist and Educator with a B. A. Degree in Fine Arts (Hons) and a Diploma in Education from the University of Guyana.

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