Best Valentine Poems: Make Your Lover Feel Loved Beyond February 14th

9 of the Best Valentine Poems for the Romantic at Heart

Best Valentine Poems
Creating the perfect mood

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to express your love for your significant other. Whether you’re looking for a heartfelt poem to recite to your loved one or simply want to find the perfect words to put in a card, these seven poems are sure to hit the spot. From classic love poems to more modern verses, there’s something for everyone on this list. So, grab a pen and paper and get ready to sweep your Valentine off their feet!

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valentine love poem

Valentine’s Day is a special day to celebrate love. It is a time to express your love for your partner, family, and best friend. A handwritten love poem is a very romantic way to show your loved ones how much you care. A well-crafted short love poem can touch the heart of the person who reads it. If you are looking for inspiration or the best way to express how you feel, here are a few Valentine’s Day love poems to get you started.

Please Cupid

there is so much
about this love
that feels so right,
what do we need
to do to make this last

cupid, please show us
your secret formula.

let’s do the things
that makes this love
last longer and
grow stronger,
let the roots
that nourish this love
go deeper.

cupid, please fertilizer
our love.

we don’t just want
our hearts to merge
but our bodies and souls.

cupid, please heed
our pleas,
show us the way
to make this love last
for always.

love letters from the heart

Love letters can be the perfect gift to express your feelings for someone in a romantic and intimate way. They can be handwritten or typed and can be very simple or very elaborate. Love letters are a great way to show your loved ones that you care about them and want to make them happy.

Love Calls

you winked
at me
and i smiled
in acknowledgment.

in that brief
and innocuous gesture
we found
the clues to our
mutual feelings.

we passed by each other
eyes fixated and
a permanent smile
highlighted our faces,

we didn’t know it then
but we do now.
it was the call of love
and we answered.

a romantic valentine poem

When someone thinks of a romantic valentine’s poem, they might think of a red rose, chocolates, and hearts. A valentine’s poem can be about anything related to love. It can be about the person that you love, or about love in general. There are many different types of valentine’s poems, and it is a great way to show your loved one that you care. Sharing poems with your lover can be a beautiful way of saying I love you.

February 14th

long after
the taste of chocolate
from the tips
your tongue,
my love for you
would still be around.

long after
picked red roses
wither and die
my love
for you
will still be alive.

this love
will continue
to withstand the test of
cold shoulders,
silent treatments,
arguments and disagreements

this love will continue
to fight through
tough days,
tough weeks,
tough months,
and tough years.

this love
has staying power!

long after
scented candles
burn out
this love
will continue
to shine brightly.

true love is always around

True love is always around. You don’t have to go looking for it because it will find you. It doesn’t matter what you are doing or where you are, true love will always be there for you. It’s the one thing in life that is always worth waiting for. When you find true love, you know that it’s the real thing and you’ll never want to let it go.

On My Mind

i cannot explain why
there is a certain
that waters my mouth
every time i think
about you.

i search in vain
for words to describe
the tranquillity
that embraces me
every time thoughts
of you
dominates my mind.

soul mates always

When two people are soul mates, they always find their way back to each other. No matter how many miles because of long-distance relationships or years may separate them, their love will always find a way to connect them once again. Soul mates have a deep and spiritual connection that transcends time and space. They are able to read each other’s minds and hearts, and they share an unbreakable bond that can never be broken.

Living in the Moment

you and me forever?

let’s be honest,
we don’t know.

what i do know
is that i will
love you every day
like it’s the last day
i will get to love you.

i intend to create
lasting memories
that even if we
are not together
in the future
i will have enough
sweet memories of you
to sustain me
for as long as i yearn
for love.

i don’t know what
our tomorrow will bring
but i will make today
count in a significant way.

sweet emotion

In poetry, emotion is often the driving force. Whether it is happiness, sadness, love, or anger, poets use their words to evoke strong feelings in their readers. In some cases, the emotions are so palpable that it feels as if the reader is right there with the poet, experiencing everything that is being felt. This is especially true in sonnets and other types of poems that are written in a more intimate style.

Our First Time

i remember
the first time
my uncertain hands
slothfully traced
the contours of
your curvaceous hips.

i remember
holding you
so close i could feel
the heat in every breath
you took.

i remember
looking into
your eyes
and i saw your struggles
to bridle
your wild innocence.

i remember
you biting your begging lips
just to conceal your hunger
for what we both
was feeling.

i remember
your eyes shyly
falling to your feet,
i can still feel the softness
of your cheeks as i
picked your face up

i remember
how we slowly gravitated
to each other’s magnetic lips.

i remember
the taste
and feel of
your baby kisses.

loving looks

It is said that love is in the air during the month of February. For some people, this may be true because they are in a new relationship. For others, love may be expressed through the way they look at their loved ones. A recent study found that when people look at their romantic partners, they tend to activate brain regions associated with rewards. This suggests that people who are in love tend to find looking at their partner rewarding.


holding your hands
for the first time
releases butterflies
in my mind,

being close to your smile
the joys in my heart,

sharing your laughter
is the type of sound
i never will never
grow tired of hearing,

but it is kissing you
for the first time
that does things
to the cells in my body
that make them
fizz with delight.

the new pleasures of sweetness

A sweet tooth is a pleasure to have. Sweet foods are comforting and satisfying. There’s nothing like the feeling of happiness that comes from enjoying a delicious sweet treat. From chocolate and cookies to ice cream and candy, sweets come in all shapes and sizes. And there’s nothing wrong with indulging in them every once in a while.

Chocolate Please

lay it on me,
glacially, please.
the deep dark
rich creamy goodness.

chocolate, please,

not the kind you find
in the candy stores,
the sweet sugar words
that flow in abundance
from your mouth
the depths of my being.

chocolate, please.

no, not Hershey’s,
Ferrero Rocher,
or Godiva,
your syrupy touch
my craving places.

chocolate, please.

take me
to chocolate heaven
with your milky ways.
let me experience
each complex flavours
found in each morsel.

help me redefine
my taste experiences,
while developing
my connoisseurship
by moment.

chocolate, please.

romantic poems

Romantic valentine’s poetry is often filled with emotion and feeling. it can be about a specific person, or about love in general. Many people enjoy reading a romantic poem, as they can feel the love and passion that the poet felt when they wrote it. Romantic poems can often be very touching, and leave the reader with a feeling of happiness.

Flirt with Me

break down
my false defenses
with words
that strip me of
my inhibitions.

flirt with me.

let your words
fondle my senses
rendering me
weak to the touch
just waiting to explode
in your presence.

flirt with me.

take me to that number cloud
with your skilled combination
of luscious words;
leaving me gasping
in anticipation.

flirt with me.

go to your special dictionary
and plagiarise  
sensual and flirtatious words
lay them
on me, please.
just flirt with me,


kissing couple
a special day of love

In conclusion, the best valentine’s love poems are the perfect way to show your loved ones how much you care about them. They can be one of your options to say, Happy Valentine’s Day. The right words in a beautiful poem can go a long way in saying how you feel. Why not choose one of these poems to express your love to your partner on Valentine’s Day? They will appreciate the sentiment, and you’ll make them feel loved beyond February 14th.

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