Sweet Valentine Day Poems: To Love You More

sweet valentine day poems

Sweet Valentine Day Poems
loving looks and love’s desire

Few things can compete with romantic valentines day poems. Valentine’s Day is a special day to celebrate the magical day of love. It is a day to express your love for your partner, friends, family, and special people in your life. There are many different ways to show your love on February 14th. One way is by writing a poem. A poem can be short or long, but it should express how you feel about the person you are writing it for. If you are not a poet, don’t worry.

Poems are a popular way to express one’s feelings on Valentine’s Day. They can be short and sweet, or they can be more elaborate with detailed descriptions of love and affection. Here are some examples of Valentine’s Day poems that are sure to touch your loved one’s heart.

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red rose & romantic poem

There is something about a romantic poem and a red rose that just seems to fit together. Maybe it is the color of love or the way that a rose can symbolize so many different things, but whatever it is, these two items just seem to go together. A rose can be given for so many different reasons, but when it is combined with romantic poems, it seems to have even more meaning. It’s another way to say happy valentines day to the love of your life.


if i wait on a day dedicated
to ‘love.’
to show you, my love;
to shower you with love,

honey, you will be drowning
in love,
my love.
i do not want you to
fight to survive this love.

savour it…

i wait on no special day!
i will show you
e v e r y d a y.
in all ways.

for this love is a journey
cruising not speeding
gentle love
flowing not gushing.
each moment… golden, unique.

savour enjoy the flavour,
this is my love not
saint valentine’s love.
this is real love,

Starry skies and romantic wishes, what better way to share a moment with the one you love

Slow Dance

we melt into
the bosom of the music
while our obedient feet
synced to each
rhythmic beat.

the songwriters seem
to know us intimately.
every word mirrors
our current feelings
perfectly, and
each selection stimulated
the ideal emotional cord.

with eyes closed
and emotions wide awake,
slow jams orchestrated
the moment’s beauty.

dancing in the moonlight
amidst the whispers
of the night.
i won’t consider
trading this moment for millions.

best friend and lover

In any healthy relationship, both partners should be best friends and lovers. This is often the key to a successful and fulfilling relationship. A best friend understands you better than anyone else and is always there for you, no matter what. They know all of your quirks and secrets, and they still love you anyway. A lover provides the intimacy and passion that is essential to a relationship. They help keep things exciting and fresh and make you feel loved and desired.

Sweetness From Your Lips

i saw your lips
for the first times
and started salivating
over it’s perceived

the first time
we kissed
i tried to kiss
the honey
from your lips
and got addicted.

i’m a happy lip addict
who has no problem
getting his daily fix
of kissing sweetness
from your lips.

The look of love, a new day and morning dew… oh baby, how good it feels sharing it all with you

Petal Blanket

let’s ditch
the familiar sheet
let me lay you on
a cotton cloud bed
cover you with petals.

light our favourite
scented candle
let’s surrender
to what comes naturally.

fling inhibitions
outside the door,
and invite adventure,

let me lay you down
on a blanket of petals
and drive you insane
with rose petal touches.

happy valentine’s day

Valentine’s Day is a special day for couples. It is a day to express your love for each other. It is a day to celebrate your relationship. Couples often go out to dinner or spend time together. They may also exchange gifts. For many people, Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year.

In My Mind

in my mind
i can taste the essence
of your invitational lips.

in my mind
i can feel the warmth
of your enticing embrace
which quenches
my insatiable thirst.

in my mind
i can feel 
electrifying sensations
seeping through my bone
making me excited.

in my mind
i can do all the things
i want to do to you
just because its
in my mind.

Spending time with that special person can melt the cares of the day away

Don’t Speak

your hands entwined in mine.
your hands become
my hands.

don’t speak.

your eyes greet mine,
let eyes speak.

don’t say a word.

let the emotions
contracting veins
as we meekly
surrender in silence.

don’t speak.

silence is the best elixir
for a moment’s thirst.

special day with love

planning a special day with your lover is always a good way to show how much you care about them. You can personalize the day according to your partner’s interests, and make sure they know how much you appreciate them. Whether you spend the day at home or go out for a romantic dinner, making the effort will show your partner that you love them very much.

Just One Thought

just the thought
of you
and the days seem

just a fleeting thought
of you
and old familiar music
seems refreshingly new.

just one thought
of you
changes everything.

Tender light, romantic love and the look in thine eyes, what a way to celebrate us


let’s transform
our smartphones into
our bedroom.

you over there
and i’m over here.

serenade me with
your texting slangs.

make me weak
with your suggestive emojis.

let’s transform
our smartphones
into seductive toys.

play with my emotions.
send me messages
that colour
my imagination,
heighten my anticipation
salivate my desires.

soul mate

What is a soul mate? This is a question that has been asked throughout the ages, with no one really knowing the answer. Some say it’s your perfect match, the one you’re supposed to be with forever. Others believe that everyone has several soul mates and that the true one is out there somewhere waiting for you. No one knows for sure. But what if there was a way to find out?

The Little Things

it’s the little things
i wanna do with you.

i wanna run and bathe
in the rain with you.

i wanna stay
up all night with you.

i wanna cook
nutritious meals for you.

it’s the little things
i wanna do for you.

i wanna hand-picked
roses for you.

i wanna play
the fool for you.

i wanna be
there for you.

i wanna do
all these little things
just for you.

A love letter, your moisted lips and the sweetness of your kisses-heavenly

For Everything

for all the smiles
you gave to me,
for all the smiles
you made me smile,
thank you, baby.

for the love
you give unselfishly,
for the times
you were my eyes
when i was too blind
to see,
thank you.       

for the meaning,
you brought to my life,
for all the joys
you added to my existence,
for seeing the best in me.
thank you, baby.

for putting up with me
throughout my insensitivities
and uncertainties,
thank you.
your tenderness
surrounds me in a special way.

you found my faith
and give it back to me.
for all that you have done
for me, i am grateful.
thank you, baby,

for believing in me.
my life is better
because you are
a part of it.
thank you, baby.

True love makes a good friend and fulfill a quiet need. Open your heart to some of the good things love can bring.


Sweet Valentine Day Poems
The sensuous touch of love

In conclusion, these sweet poems will help you express your love for that special someone on Valentine’s Day. Whether you are looking for a way to say “I love you” or simply want to show your affection, these poems are sure to touch your loved one’s heart. So why not take a few minutes to read them over and pick the one that speaks to you the most? Then, put your own spin on it and recite it to your loved one on Valentine’s Day.

Thank you for reading, which poem appealed to you the most? Share in the comment section below.

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