Take Your Lover’s Breath Away with These Valentine’s Day Poems

valentine's day poems
Love Note

The best Valentine’s Day Poems are the ones that seem familiar and warm, that sing to your heart like a lullaby, and transport you into the hands of the images and metaphors that move you with the rhythm of their poetic language; they sweep you and your lover off your feet.

These are the kinds of poems that make your heart skip a beat, or tingle out and then come back in, as though you’d been caught in the wind, only to find yourself surrounded by a warmth that only words can bring. They spread over your entire being like the sun’s embrace.

If you feel stuck, or are just in need of a little inspiration, start scrolling through these romantic pieces of Valentine’s Day Poems.

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Selected Valentine’s Day Poems for You and Yours

Chocolate, Please

lay it on me,
the deep
creamy goodness.
chocolate, please,

not the kind
you find in
the candy stores,
the sweet sugar words
that flow
in abundance
from your mouth
to the depths of my being.

chocolate, please.

no, not Hershey’s,
Ferrero Rocher,
Cadbury, or Godiva,
your syrupy touch
in my craving places.

chocolate, please.

take me
to chocolate heaven
with your milky ways.
let me experience
complex flavours
in each morsel.
help me redefine
my taste experiences,
while developing
my connoisseurship
moment by moment.

chocolate, please.

“I want to smell the sweet fragrance of our moments together longer after the scented candles burn out. I want to continue tasting the sweetness of your lips long after the chocolate fades.”

February 14th

long after
the taste of chocolate
from the tips
of your tongue,
my love for you
would still be around.

long after
picked red roses
wither and die
my love
for you
will still be alive.

this love
will continue
to withstand the test of
cold shoulders,
silent treatments,
arguments and disagreements

this love will continue
to fight through
tough days,
tough weeks,
tough months,
and tough years.

this love
has staying power!

long after
scented candles
burn out
this love
will continue
to shine brightly.

“I want your everyday kind of loving. The ones i come home to after a long hard day on the streets, and you greet me with a smile that sets my troubled mind at ease.”

Ghetto Love

i took a bullet
but i didn’t shed
a tear,
but your comforting
and healing ways
brought a flood
of tears to my eyes
and hope
to my injured psyche.

they try
to kill me
but your love
saved me.

they judge me
but you
love me,
they will never understand
why you continue
to care
because they don’t know
what we share.

their samurai sword looks
sometimes cut me deeply
but your unconditional love
heals me.

they try to
hurt me
but your love
restores me.

they continue to
judge me
while you keep on
loving me.

“In your arms, i can spend a lifetime. In your arms i can lose my way in your silky embrace. When i am in your arms, nothing matters at all.”

Slow Dance

we melt into
the bosom
of the music
our obedient feet
synced to each
rhythmic beat.

the songwriters seem
to know us
every word mirrors
our current feelings
each selection stimulated
the ideal emotional cord.

eyes closed
and emotions
wide awake,
slow jams orchestrated
the moment’s beauty.

dancing in the moonlight
amidst the whispers
of the night.
i won’t consider
trading this moment
for millions.

 “Your love is like reading a classic novel, the story gets sweeter and better with passing time, and i want to read you again and again. Just to relive those sweet, insatiable memories.”

Reading a Classic

making love to you
should be like
an excellent book.

your cover should be
examined in its entirety
each image noted
and appreciated.

you must be
turned over
with bated breath
and your blurb read
to enjoy the synopsis
of the goodness
to uncover.

you should be
opened with care
and each page
turned and digested.

every punctuation mark,
and every page flip
must be an experience
in savouring quality.

and when the end arrives
this book
should not be closed
but there must be
a reflection
on the journey
just experienced.

after a moment’s
i would return
to my favourite pages
reread them,
indulging in
unending beauty
the experiences they offer
again and again.

just like the classics
you should be
to savour each
and breathtaking moment
with the intension
of catching any
nuances missed
because of
momentary distractions.

and when it’s
finally over
i want to lie in
the bosom of satisfaction
with you
resting comfortably
on my chest.

“I love the feeling of waking up to you in the mornings. I enjoy the moments when I feel you snuggling closer for warmth and comfort. Few things can compare to waking up with you.”

Waking Up to You

i wanna wake up
to your arms
reaching over for me
while you snuggle
closer in a warm embrace
that brings a gentle smile
to my face.

i wanna awake
to the warmth
of your breathing
kissing me
on the shoulder.

i wanna open my eyes
to the renewed
of your daily love.

i wanna rollover
into the arms
of your love
that adds fertilizer
to my daily bloom.

i’m in love
with waking up
to the feels,
the sights,
the sounds
of being in bed
next to you.

Begin and End With Valentine’s Day Poems

valentine's day poems love note
Valentine’s Day Poems love note

In concluding, note that even though we shared these Valentine’s Day poems with you, they are there to add variety to whatever you choose to do with your partner on this special day.

Love is a feeling like no other. It’s the greatest adventure you’ll ever undertake. It’s temptation and fashion, lifetimes of laughter, and deep, heartfelt journeys. It’s a love that changes you, a love that makes you see things differently. It’s more than physical love. It’s the love you see in flowers, tiny drops of dew, the gentle warmth of morning light, the magic of the moonlight. And the skillful use of poetic words can capture and enhance these feelings on Valentine’s Day; adding something unique to your celebration.

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

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