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Cute couple reading intimate poems in the meadows

Lacking Intimacy in Your Relationship? Reignite the Magic by Reading Intimate Poems Together.

Can You Build Intimacy by Reading Intimate Poems Together?

Cute couple reading intimate poems in the meadows
Cute couple reading intimate poems in the grass: Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

I assume you didn’t realize how much intimate poems may liven up your mundane love life and personal interactions. Here’s a selection of five poems that will help you deal with closeness in your personal relationships while also adding a little luster. Continue reading if you want to understand how to use words and rhymes to increase intimacy in your relationship.

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 I want to be those sweet thoughts running around in your head.

Understanding the various levels of intimacy in a relationship

1. Emotional Intimacy

Intimacy in relationships is sometimes misunderstood. It has nothing to do with your physical connection. It’s a lot deeper, more significant, and more emotional than that. More credit should be given to love. If you exclusively discover intimacy with your significant other through the physiology of the relationship, you may need to rethink that connection and those sentiments.

We all need to be truly loved for who we are and what we represent. Intimacy in relationships is frequently misunderstood. It’s not just about appearances. To give love more credit, someone who only feels close to their significant other through physical contact should assess their relationship and feelings.

2. Mental intimacy

Mental intimacy is a rewarding, demanding, and stimulating mental experience. Some people enjoy questioning and bouncing ideas off one another. According to one expert, intimate chats about movies, plays, occupations, and causes are all examples of mental closeness.

So, come up with a topic that both of you like talking about. You may read a couple’s poetry book or talk about a shared sporting passion like tennis or rock climbing. Spend time together doing things that excite your mind, whatever you do. A little friendly rivalry never hurts, so set aside time to play board or electronic games with your family.

Let my poetic words touch you in places only poetry can reach.

3. Spiritual intimacy

 It’s unusual for two people in a relationship or friendship to be on the same page when it comes to spirituality, so getting this right could be challenging. Spirituality, on the other hand, can take many forms, such as a code of ethics or a code of values.

If your relationship isn’t spiritual, Dr. Brenner suggests that you find spiritual closeness by explaining what spirituality means to you to your partner. She also recommended that you explain how it makes you a better person or gives your life more significance.

This morning i awoke you were the first thing on my mind.

4. Physical intimacy

Physical intimacy should not be considered the sole sort of intimacy to examine simply because it is the most usually linked with the term. Physical intimacy is mostly about letting go, going with the flow, being present in the moment, sharing, giving, receiving, and expressing what feels good to the other person or to yourself.

Human interaction and development are characterized by connectivity, passion, the giving and receiving of pleasure, and proximity. “Ask for what feels wonderful,” one expert advised. “Do what makes you happy.”

Lets go sit by the sea and listen to the instructions of the waves.

Couple reading a book together while standing
Couple sharing a book: Photo by SHVETS production from Pexels

Why Not Let Intimate Poems Remind You Of How Much You Value Your Significant Other

couple cuddling while reading
Couple cuddling while reading: Photo by Ron Lach from Pexels

Reading personal poems with your lover is a very intimate and personal experience that strengthens your relationship. Some books pique your interest from the first paragraph. Others can transmit a vague sense of the world that you hadn’t been able to pin down until that point.

Others take a little longer to warm up to, but once they do, they become unexpected favorites, showing a side of yourself and your spouse that neither of you knew existed. When you’re engrossed in an excellent poetry collection, the outer world fades away, time slows down, and your imagination takes over. Make reading a part of your daily routine as a pair, and you’ll be glad you did.

Why You Should Try Texting Intimate Poems to Your Lover

Beautiful woman texting by the stop light
Beautiful woman texting: Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

According to Joe Currin, the study coordinator at Oklahoma State University’s Sexual Health Research Lab, sending someone a seductive text message isn’t much different than penning an explicit love note in the 1800s. In the sense that bodies are not immediately interacting, texting is not the same as physical interaction. It is, rather, the contact of brains through phones.

Texting, like physical intimacy, flourishes in a secure and respectful atmosphere, but it also requires a level of mental safety if it is to be beneficial to both parties. When these requirements aren’t met, texting isn’t favorable for intimacy.

Take the time to get to know your lover before looking for the proper kind of intimate poetry quotes or romantic poetry to improve the quality of your relationship. It’s only a mouse click away to spend the time to select the perfect line(s) or poem(s) that will fit both of you.

5 Selected Intimate Poems to Spark your Romantic Flames and Get You on Your Way

young couple embracing in the street
Young Couple: Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

Here are five selected romantic love poems to get you started on your journey. Read and analyse them to get ideas to improve your relationship.

Lets make time to sit in each other’s silence listening to the whispering emotions.

The Special Place
Rocky Stonehedge

There is a place of peace
There is a place of joy
A place away from loneliness
A place away from pain
That place is next to you
A secret garden where black and white becomes a colorful place
Of loving, kisses, touching, caressing, there with you and only you
Cares of the world melting away
Anger and fear are not allowed
Prejudice cannot enter
A place where two hearts beat as one
A place where two souls are interwoven, touching the inner-place of one
A place that I long to come back to again and again
A place of sweet abandon
A place next to you

Your thoughts, words and deeds mean a lot to me.

Life is a Poem
Donna Donathan

You Are My Sunshine
You brought me sunshine
when I only saw rain.
You brought me laughter
when I only felt pain.
Romantics at heart?
Love at first sight?
Have I known you before?
God! This feels so right!
Have I met you before?
Another time, another place?
If it’s only one night,
will it bring us disgrace?
What are these feelings?
Must they be temporary?
Just to make you happy
seems so necessary.
I want you to know,
’cause I’ll never forget –
knowing your smile,
your kisses and yet…
Dreams are something,
that can’t always come true,
nothing more we can say,
nothing more we can do.

i wanna know what makes you drenched with desire.

This Morning
r. A. bentinck

This morning I awoke,
You were the first thing on my mind,
You were the sunrise
Spreading your golden rays
Across the sky.

This morning I woke up,
And you were the fresh rose in my garden,
Your tender petals blowing
In the cooling breeze,
Your celestial fragrance gently fills
The morning scent.

This morning I woke up,
And memories of you and
Your ever-glowing beauty
Enfolds me like the fresh morning breeze-
Soothing and Refreshing.

This morning I woke up and
You were the essence of life.

You light up the atmosphere with glorious vibes and your electrifying smile.

Life In Love
Robert Browning

Escape me?
While I am I, and you are you,
So long as the world contains us both,
Me the loving and you the loth
While the one eludes, must the other pursue.
My life is a fault at last, I fear:
It seems too much like a fate, indeed!
Though I do my best I shall scarce succeed.

But what if I fail of my purpose here?
It is but to keep the nerves at strain,
To dry one’s eyes and laugh at a fall,
And, baffled, get up and begin again,
So the chace takes up one’s life ‘ that’s all.
While, look but once from your farthest bound
At me so deep in the dust and dark,
No sooner the old hope goes to ground
Than a new one, straight to the self-same mark,
I shape me

Her silky voice caress my auditory faculties and send shivers through my senses.

At last
Elizabeth Akers Allen

At last, when all the summer shine
That warmed life’s early hours is past,
Your loving fingers seek for mine
And hold them close at last at last!
Not oft the robin comes to build
Its nest upon the leafless bough
By autumn robbed, by winter chilled,
But you, dear heart, you love me now.

Though there are shadows on my brow
And furrows on my cheek, in truth,
The marks where Time’s remorseless plough
Broke up the blooming sward of Youth,
Though fled is every girlish grace
Might win or hold a lover’s vow,
Despite my sad and faded face,
And darkened heart, you love me now!

I count no more my wasted tears;
They left no echo of their fall;
I mourn no more my lonesome years;
This blessed hour atones for all.
I fear not all that Time or Fate
May bring to burden heart or brow,
Strong in the love that came so late,
Our souls shall keep it always now!

Intimate Poems Takeaway

To summarize, intimate poems have a distinct quality. They are some of the world’s most enduring works of literature today. They elicit emotions that transcend time and language. Make sure you keep doing things in your relationship that will allow intimacy to flourish.

Allow intimate poems to remind you of how much you cherish your partner. Poetry allows you to express yourself in unique and innovative ways. Make the most of such chances to create intimacy on all levels.

What have you been using to enhance intimacy in your relationship? Share it in the comment section below. 

r. A. bentinck
r. A. bentinck

r. A. bentinck is a #1 Best Seller author in Caribbean & Latin American Poetry, He is an Artist and Educator with a B. A. Degree in Fine Arts (Hons) and a Diploma in Education from the University of Guyana.

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