Love Poems from the Heart: Who Knew the Heart Could Speak so Beautifully?

Love Poems from the Heart

Love Poems from the Heart
Love Poems from the Heart

There is nothing quite as beautiful as love poetry. It is a way to express your feelings for the person you love in a way that words cannot. Love poetry can be soul-baring, and it often reveals the deepest desires of the heart.

In this post, we are going to share a collection of love poems from the heart that is perfect for your beloved. These poems are sure to touch her heart and make her feel loved and appreciated. We hope you enjoy them!

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Whether you are looking for a romantic poem to share with your significant other, or you just want to appreciate the beauty of love poems, love poems from the heart are definitely worth checking out.

The heart can speak through love poems

When it comes to love, everyone has their own story to tell. But sometimes, the best way to express your feelings is through a poem. Love poems can be short and sweet, or long and detailed. They can be serious or funny, sad or happy. But no matter what, they always come from the heart.

Love Found Me

when i was lost
in the loveless wilderness
your love found me.

when i was lost
in a dark, cold, and lonely place
your love rescued me.

your love showed me the way,
it perfumed my path to recovery
now i’m finally home,

in a place
where i longed to be-
in the bosom of your heart.

i never knew this kind of love
existed outside of the movies
until your love found me.

The Right Words

you spoke the right words
to my withered heart
and ever since that day
we have never been apart.

you nourished my heart
with the kind of love
that makes me flourish
in unimaginable ways.

i love the way
you love me,
i enjoy the way
you care for me.
you mean more to me
than words can express.

the words from your mouth
melts my now tender heart.
i now realised that you are all
i needed all along.

My Heart Beats for You

my heart speaks to you
all day and every day.

my heart beats for you,
i think about you
during the day
and all through the night-
even in my dreams.

you are now tattooed
on the walls of my heart.
i’m so in love with
the way you love me.

you are the controller
of my heartbeat.
thoughts of you increases
its rhythms and
your sweet memories
increase its decibels.

my heart beats for you daily.

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Love poems from the heart explore the different facets of love. The poems in this collection are all written from the heart, and they offer a deep and intimate look at love in all its forms.

The beauty of love poems

What makes love poems so beautiful is that they often capture the true essence of what it means to love someone. They are full of emotion and passion, and can sometimes be quite powerful in their delivery. Many people find that reading love poems helps them to better understand their own feelings, and to express them in a more articulate way.

If you are looking for a way to tell someone how much you care about them, or simply want to enjoy some beautiful words about love, then be sure to check out these love poems from the heart.

Madly in Love

some may say
i am delusional,
some may call me crazy,
but i don’t give a damn-
i’m madly in love with you.

i don’t care about
your breathtaking beauty
nor your smooth eloquence,
it’s the way that you love me
that makes me go crazy over you.

your intellectual brilliance
and wittiness takes hold of me
you know how to activate the joy in me.
it doesn’t matter where you have been
it’s the way you care about me
that makes fall head over heels for you.

with just a simple touch,
you can send volts of electricity
through me, driving me
love crazy over you.

your love means so much to me
i don’t care what people may say,
why should i try when i want to give in
to all of the temptations you bring?

i’m madly in love with you,
and that’s all that matters to me,
the world and its opinion means
nothing to me, it’s your love
that i am crazy for.

You Steal My Breath Away

slowly but surely
you steal my breath away.

with your tender touch and loving ways
i can’t help but fall deeper for you.

you have a way with me,
you take time
to make me feel loved,
you find ways
to make me feel so special.

your heavenly smile brightens up
my gloomy days and turn on
my reluctant smile.

you make every waking moment
worth living, for you, i wouldn’t mind
giving everything to make you happy too.

I Get Lost Looking in Your Eyes

i get lost looking in your eyes,
i find myself daydreaming
even when you are near me.

your eyes are like the constellation
they intrigue me and command
my attention for what seems like an eternity.

i get lost looking at you
and i can’t seem to find my way out,
but i don’t mind getting lost
in your beautiful eyes.

i get lost looking at you,
your beauty is so divine
i can’t get over how you make me feel
deep inside.

i can’t help but stare
every time you’re near,
you take my breath away
and i get lost looking into your eyes.


Whether you’re looking for a poem to express your own love, or you’re searching for words to help you understand the complexities of love, love poems from the heart are sure to offer something special.

The impact of love poems

Whether they are happy or sad, love poems can touch our hearts and make us feel emotions that we may not have felt before. They can also remind us of the good times we have had with someone we love. Love poems can be a way to express our feelings when we are unable to do so in words.

Your Words

your words
have a way of reaching
my tender places
seeping through crevices
and making themselves a home.

your words
offer me safety and comfort
when i’m feeling scared
they remind me that
i’m worth caring for.

your words
have a way of reaching
my tender places
filling up the emptiness
inside of me,
helping me
to feel whole again
and showing me
that i’m not alone.

thank you for always being there
for speaking words of love
and hope into my life.

your words
truly do make a difference
and i am forever grateful.

A Kiss From You

a kiss from you
is not just a kiss,
it’s heavenly feelings wrapped up
in a moment.

a kiss from you
is not just the simple pressing
of your lips against mine,
it’s the seductive sensations
that rushes through my veins
stripping me of all my

the soft caress,
of those petal lips
ignite passionate flames
that burns long after the moment.
a kiss from you tells me
everything i need to know
about how you feel about me.

a kiss from you is
the beginning of a beautiful story,
it takes me on a long journey
that i don’t want to return from.

a kiss from you
is a revelation of
love and tenderness.

You Bring Out the Best of Me

when i’m with you,
i feel alive
i feel like i can conquer
the world.

with you by my side,
nothing seems impossible,
you bring out the best of love
in me.

the best parts of me
come to the surface,
parts i never knew existed.
you always seem to find a way
to bring out the best of love
in me.

with you, i feel complete.
you just seem to know instinctively
how to bring out the best of me.


Love poems from the heart can be written by anyone, about anything, and don’t have to follow any specific rules or guidelines. This makes them very personal and unique.

The value of love poems

Love poems can help to rekindle the fire of love when it starts to dwindle. They can also be a way to show your partner how much you care about them and how deeply you feel for them.

What’s more, writing love poems can be a very therapeutic activity – it can help you to express all the emotions that you may struggle to put into words.

Petal Kisses

i love the way your
kisses feel like petals
from the dew-kissed roses.

your petal kisses make my heart sing
i can’t seem to get enough of them.

i want to kiss in the mornings,
i want to kiss you at noon time,
i want to kiss you at night and
i even want to kiss you in my dreams.
simply put, i want to kiss you forever.

with lips as soft and sweet
as your, i will meekly
give in to their temptation
every time.
i love the way you petal kiss me
it energizes me
and flirts with my sensual side.

each kiss from you is special
in their own way,
they are filled with love
and tenderness.

i am in love with the way your
kisses feel like petals
from the dew-kissed
morning roses.

You Blow My Mind

baby, every time i think of you
it blows my mind-
every time.

there is so much about you
that is so unbelievable,

i’m attracted to you
on so many levels:
i love the way you look,
i love the way you think,
i love the way you talk,
i love the way you care for me,
and everything in between.

you’re everything i’ve ever wanted
and a little bit more,
my guardian angels must have
listened to my daily prayers
so they sent you.

every time i think of you,
i can’t help but smile,
because you always blow my mind
in a special kind of way.

Forgive Me, Please

how can i not love you
the way i do?

you are my sunlight
on cloudy days,
you are my constant cheerleader,
you make me feel like
nothing is impossible,

you are my sly seducer
my nervous heartbeat stimulator,
and my ever-present temptation.

how can i not love you
the way i do?

i am so in love with the way you
make me feel inside.
i am in love with the way you
make me smile as wide as the sea,
i am in love with the way you
cherish everything we share.

how can i not love you
the way i do?

please forgive me
for loving you the way i do.

Final thoughts on love poems from the heart

In conclusion, if you are looking for a way to express your love in a truly unique and special way, why not try writing a poem from the heart? These poems will touch your loved one’s soul and show them how much you care.

We hope that you enjoy reading these poems as much as we enjoyed putting them together.

Which were your favorite love poems from the heart? Share in the comments below

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