Long Distance Love Poems for Her from the Heart

Long Distance Love Poems for Her from the Heart

"Whenever I am away from you, I count the minutes until I can be back in your arms."
Najuma reading Long Distance Love Poems for Her from the Heart
Najuma reading Long Distance Love Poems for Her from the Heart

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, you know that sometimes it can be tough. But don’t worry, because we’ve got the perfect solution: love poems for her from the heart! These poems will show your sweetheart just how much you love her, and they’ll help keep your relationship strong even when you’re miles apart. So why not give them a try? You may be surprised at just how much they touch your loved one’s heart.

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Long-distance love poems

Long distance relationships can be tough. You might not be able to see your partner as often as you’d like, and when you’re apart, you can’t help but feel a little bit lonely. However, there are ways to keep the flame of love burning, even from a distance.

One of the most romantic things you can do is write a love poem for your long-distance partner. Poems about love can capture all of the complicated emotions that come with being in a relationship, even when you’re apart. They can also be a beautiful way to express your feelings and let your partner know how much you care.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are some long-distance love poems for her from the heart. These poems are sure to touch your partner’s heart and help keep your relationship strong, even when you’re miles apart.

Poetry about being far apart

Long-distance relationships are difficult at times. You are constantly missing the person you love and wondering if they are missing you just as much. If you are in a long-distance relationship or have been in one in the past, you know just how hard it can be.

Even though it is difficult, there are things that can make it a little easier. Long distance love poems for her from the heart can help to make her feel close to you even when you are far apart. These poems can also help to express your feelings in a way that is beautiful and romantic. If you are looking for some Long distance love poems for her, here are some that may help express how you feel. Dive right in!

1. 35,000 Feet up High-Cruising Altitude

Thirty-five thousand feet up high
Cruising in an iron bird,
And my heart is singing you a love song.

          Thirty-five thousand feet up high
And I can see and feel your smile,
And my heart beats an anticipatory melody.

          Thirty-five thousand feet up high
And am riding soft clouds of your
Sweet memories.

          Thirty-five thousand feet up high
And I have come to realize
Why this long journey is worth taking.
Why the sacrifice is worth making.

          Thirty-five thousand feet up high
And I can see snapshots of your
Memories through a small window space.

          Thirty-five thousand feet up high
And I close my eyes softly,
While a serene smile engulfs me
As I think about you at a cruising altitude,
          Of thirty-five thousand feet.

"Though we are miles apart, my love for you is never-ending."

2. Love From a Distance

My spirit emerges
From the superficial bondage
Of the mind
And soared beyond the limitations of:
And location.
It merged with the universal mind
And we begin to speak.

We speak of love,
The love we have,
Unconditional love from a distance.

I heard a song of love that said,
I am in you and you in Me.
It tells me that there
Are times we meet

And we do the things
We once did and more
It tells me that,
There are times
You walk the streets
And think of me.

It tells you that I do the same too.
It tells me that there are times
When certain sounds and fragrances
Just spark thoughts of us.
It tells you,
The same is true for me too.

It tells me that
Though our physical meetings are
Too often brief;
The moments are sacred
And self-healing.
It tells you our love still grows-
From a distance.

I watched the silver moonrise tonight
And I see you in it.
It radiates your kisses and warm embrace.
The light caresses my body
And melts the darkness away.

The feelings it brings tells me
That love from a distance is no lesser love.
I spread my window wide and
Invited the moon inside.
The light is warm and cozy,
It lay next to me in the vacant space
Of my bed.

It soothes me to a peaceful sleep.
Slowly, I drifted into blissful rest with
Thoughts of you are on my mind.

"Distance means so little when someone means so much. Share Long Distance Love Poems for Her from the Heart with her"

3. A Voiceless Weekend

Friday Evening…
The weather was sweet-
Cool evening breeze
And bright moonlit night,
But I couldn’t hear your voice.

               Saturday Morning…
The rising sun kissed the horizon
I awoke with a mind drenched
With your memories.
I needed to hear your voice.

                Saturday Midday…
Saturday’s lunch was nutritional
But tasteless,
All because I did not hear from you.

               Saturday Evening…
Saturday evening, I never saw
The setting sun
I was too busy
Sorting through your sweet memories.

               Sunday Morning…
Tell myself, “one day to go.”
But, anticipation overflowed,
So I reached for the phone.
I called
But got no answer.
My built-up excitement was deflated.

               Sunday Evening…
Music filled the air from everywhere,
They all brought gushing memories.

               Monday Morning…
Here I am.
Alone and on the phone.

"Distance only makes our love stronger." 

Missing each other

Long distance relationships are never easy, but when you’re in love, it’s worth the extra effort. If you’re missing your girl and looking for poems about missing her, this collection is for you. Whether you’re apart for a short time or a long time, these messages will let her know just how much she means to you.

Each of these Long Distance Love Poems for Her from the Heart will help you express your feelings from far away. Even though you’re miles apart, she’s always with you in your heart. Let her know how much she means to you with one of these beautiful poems.

4. My Racing Heart

When they play those special love songs
My heart races to you.
When the lyrics reach hidden places
And evokes those unforgettable memories,
My heart runs to you.

When those love songs hold my
Emotions captive, and leave me yearning;
My heart pleads with you,
My heart calls to you,
My heart breaks for you.

And on those nights when loneliness
Gives me a fight,
My heart reaches out to you.

And when I see young lovers at
Joyful play,
I remember those special days
My heart sings for you.

And on days like this
When it gets too much;
My heart speaks words of you,
My heart writes to you.

And the more I think of you
The more I see how much
My heart
Belongs to you.

"Love is never easy, but it's always worth it. Let her know how you feel by sharing Long Distance Love Poems for Her from the Heart."

5. Daybreak

Morning dew tenderly kisses
The fresh vegetation outside
My opened window,
Good morning.

A new day is dawning.
I awake with a blazing yearning,
My body keeps
Calling for you.

In the cool of the morning
My body is burning up
Because I am filled With thoughts of you.

"Long Distance Poems for her from the heart are always the most special, because they come from the deepest place in a man's soul."

6. Missing You

I can’t help but think of you
every day since you’ve been gone,
I know you’ll be back in a few months
But I am caged in with this
Feeling of loneliness.

Your goodbye kisses
And the memories we’ve made
On the rationed time, we had
Makes it harder on me. Baby, I’m
Missing you and it’s driving me

I know we still get to call and face time
But that doesn’t soothe the aches
Of loneliness welling up inside.
I’m missing you, baby!

It’s getting harder not to think of you
As the minutes crawl by.
Baby, I’m missing you!

I wish we could have been together,
Longer, and
I wish things could be different,
But until the next flight in
Baby, I will be missing you.

Love that endures distance

Love can endure any distance, no matter how long it may seem. These long distance love poems for her from the heart offer a glimpse into the heart and soul of a relationship that has withstood the test of time and space. They speak to the unbreakable bond of love and demonstrate just how strong it can be even when faced with seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

7. We Have Proven Them Wrong

We have proven them wrong
Time and time again.
They said,
We wouldn’t make it this far
But we’ve shown them
We are much stronger
And we will continue to rise above
The opinions of naysayers.

We have proven many wrong,
For years they have told us
We would never make it.

But with our love,
We have persevered
And through our struggles
We have shown them
That we are not afraid
To fight for the love we share.

"Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquility." 

8. We’ve Made it

Looking back on those
Years apart-
We’ve made it this far.

Look at where we are now,
We are a thousand miles
From our past lonely days,
And sleepless nights,
All of our worries,
Our fears and numerous doubts.

It’s just us and the open road
And endless possibilities.
Nothing to stop us now,
With your hands in my hands
Let’s see what the future holds.

As long as we’re together,
We can make it through any weather.

"A woman's love is like poetry from the heart." 

9. We Didn’t Give Up On Love

We never stopped fighting
For our love,
Even when the odds
Were against us.

We didn’t give up
On our love.

Our love was too strong
To let go
We never stopped caring
For each other
And we never stopped
Loving each other.

We didn’t give up
On our love.

We never gave up on love,
And now we’re finally
Together again
Thank you for never
Giving up on me,
Thank you for never
Giving up on us.

"Your love is the light that guides me through dark times. I'm so grateful for you." 


Though the miles may sometimes feel like an impossible hurdle to overcome, with a little creativity and effort, and a little help from Long Distance Love Poems for Her from the Heart, you can keep your long-distance love strong and thriving. By sending your loved one heartfelt poems expressing your affection, you will show them that no matter how far apart you are, their place in your heart is always close by.

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