17 Pretty Girl Poems to Mesmerise and Celebrate the Beautiful Woman in Your Life

Pretty Girl Poems

Pretty Girl Poems

There’s something about pretty girls that just makes them seem so delicate and fragile. Maybe it’s their delicate features or their sweet voices, but whatever it is, it leaves us feeling in awe. Here are some poems inspired by the pretty girls around us.

There’s something about a pretty girl that just makes us want to write love poems. Whether they’re striking in their beauty or simply relatable, these ladies have captured the hearts of many poets over the years. From funny to heart-wrenching, these poems are sure to touch your heart.

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beautiful poems for a pretty girl

Pretty Girl

Beautiful poems for a pretty girl can evoke feelings of love, happiness, and sincerity. They can remind her that she is loved and appreciated and that she is beautiful inside and out. Whether you’re dating or just want to express your feelings to a special someone, these poems will do the trick.

My Racing Heart

when they play those special love songs
my heart races to you.
when the lyrics reach hidden places
and evokes those unforgettable memories,
my heart runs to you.

when those love songs hold my
emotions captive, and leave me yearning;
my heart pleads with you,
my heart calls to you,
my heart breaks for you.

and on those nights when loneliness
gives me a fight,
my heart reaches out to you.
and when I see young lovers at
joyful play,
i remember those special days
and my heart sings for you.

and on days like this
when it gets too much;
my heart speaks words of you,
my heart writes to you.

And the more I think of you
The more I see how much
My heart belongs to you.

You are the only woman in the kingdom of my heart. The only girl in the entire world that can turn my cloudy skies to blue sky.

In This Moment

in this moment
nothing else will matter.

in that place
i promise to stay in
the moment with you.

taking in all of you,
feeling all of you,
all you have to offer.

in this moment
the only thing
that matter is me being here
with you.

romantic poems delectable girl

Pretty Girl

There’s something about a pretty girl that just makes the heart feel warm. Whether it’s the way she smiles or the way her eyes sparkle, there’s something undeniably captivating about a pretty girl. And to prove just how much they mean to us, we’ve put together a collection of our favorite romantic poems for a pretty girl.

Butterfly Sanctuary

i am tripping over
my once confident words.
my knees begin to tremble.
my thoughts are like a frog in a blender
and am frozen in time.

my stomach is now
a sanctuary for busy butterflies,
i am transfixed in your presence,
and your inviting smile feels like mockery
to my acute nervousness.

this is not how I envisioned
our first meeting.
this is not how it felt during months of
mirror practice.
this is not how it is supposed to feel.
i am crushed by nervousness!

sweet poems for a delightful girl

Sweet Girl

There’s something special about a pretty girl. Something that makes their beauty all the more captivating. Something that makes us want to write poems just for them. Whether it’s because they bring joy with every smile, or simply because they’re strikingly unique, we can’t help but love pretty girls. And in honor of their allure, here are five sweet poems to show your appreciation.


her silky voice
caress my auditory faculties
and send shivers
through my senses.

her bright
and inviting eyes
call out to my soul
bringing a fond smile
to my face.

heavenly scents
whisk me off to
a celestial place
where she satisfies
my every fantasy.

You fulfill my quiet need under the night sky. There are lot of people who yearn to have what we share.

Her Eyes

her eyes,
enchanting to say the least.
one look,
one playful glance,
one innocent stare,
and my emotions are abducted to a place
of blissful stupidity.

she makes me smile uncontrollably
and my heart plays
a Samba beat in my chest.

she often asks what’s wrong with me,
but I am not crazy.
it’s the potent combination
of her angelic eyes
and mischievous smile
that floors me every time.

Her eyes,
Charming, captivating, fascinating.
One look,
One shy glance
And I am swept away.

She doesn’t know
And she will never understand
The power of her eyes,
She never takes the time to see
The unspeakable beauty in her eyes.

Short Poems for a Luscious Girl

Gorgeous girl

There are many reasons why someone might want to write a poem for a pretty girl. Maybe the person is feeling lonely and needs some encouragement. Maybe the person just wants to show their affection in a way that is special and unique. Whatever the reason, there are plenty of short poems out there that can be perfect for this purpose.

The Moon Smiles

the moon smiles
just because of you.

the sea breeze
whispers tranquilizing
words of comfort
and we snuggle.

your company
lights up the dim environment
like a thousand fireflies.

tonight, the moon smiles
just to reveal
another dimension
of your loveliness,
another dimension
of your lovingness.

The beauty of your smile entices me to pen some of the best romantic love poems for a wonderful girl like you.


i am relaxing under
a blanket of stars
in the cool of the evening
while thoughts
of you romances
my fertile mind.

i am laying here going wild
with anticipation.
somehow tonight
my restless mind
can’t seem to get enough
of you.

so here i am roaming
the endless fields of your
unconquered sensuality.

i am laying here sorting through
images of your unending beauty.
this evening  i have
given into the feelings
of your insatiable temptations,

i have decided to let my
imagination gallop carefree
in the pastures of your sweetness.

Short Love Poems

A beautiful Girl Smiling

Love poems for a pretty girl can be short and sweet, or long and deep. They can be about the simplest things or the most complex. They can be about happy moments or sad ones. They can be written by a guy or a girl. The only requirement is that they capture the essence of how someone feels when they’re in love with a pretty girl.


i lay in your arms
for a minute and
i get lost in
the moment.

i open my eyes
the hours flashed by
during our moments of

time has no respect
for me whenever i’m with you.

You are a work of art. Your pretty face, your beautiful eyes-you are an amazing girl, you are my eternal summer.

Seasons of Susans

before I came to know you
oh, how I longed for you,
longed for your touch,
longed for your companionship,
longed to savor your flavor.

i yearned to taste your
sweet and sultry beauty.
i craved for you.

during the season of Susan
oh, how I relished your essence,
each drop, precious, priceless,
the experience took me
above and beyond the clouds.
there I lazed in blissful tranquility
satisfied…I was high.

               then suddenly…
you vanished!
like a prey from its hunter.
my ecstasy ripped from beneath me.

now I am back to where I began
the Seasons of Susan.

beautiful love poems

Stunning Beauty

Love poems are the perfect way to express your feelings to the one you love. Whether you’re in a serious relationship or just dating, these poems will touch your heart and soul. If you’re looking for beautiful love poems to say to your pretty girl, these are the perfect selections.

In Your Eyes

that quiet look
in your eyes,
the one that
whips up storms
on the inside
sending my imagination

that piercing look
in your eyes
that sends quivers
through my sensual faculties
leaving me with
uncontrollable urges.

that baby look in your eyes,
the one that
say more than
words allow
with it, i can sense
your unconditional love.

In the blink of an eye my whole life and the best part of my day can vanish so i take the time to enjoy all of you.

Her Kisses

her lips are smooth as butter,
and her tongue feels like rose petals.
she blows my senses away
and transcend me to a place where
nothing else mattered but kissing her,

being with her,
being held by her.
time has no meaning,
space no longer exists;
just this celestial moment
frozen in time.

her soft whispering voice is the opiate
to my troubled mind.
delicate words of love
flows from her mouth and
she makes me feel like
the king of this world.

her closed eyelids speak of her
quiet satisfaction and
her relaxed body says volumes
of the moment.

her transcendental fragrance
captures my soul and reinforced
the essence of the moment.

her lips are smooth as butter,
and her tongue feels like rose petals
every time she kisses me. 

cute poems

She is beautiful

There’s nothing quite as sweet as a girl with a beautiful face, and that’s why we’ve compiled some of the most adorable poems for pretty girls. Whether you’re celebrating your own features or just admiring someone else’s, these little gems will make you feel loved and special. So go ahead and cuddle up with your favorite poem today!

When Again?

when do i see you again?
when do i get to bask in
the glorious glow
of your serene smile?

when do i get to hear
the rhythmic rhythms
of your heart again?

when do i see you again?

when do i get to see those
dimpled smiles again?
when do i get to sit
in the luxurious comfort of
your motivating company

when can i see you again?

when do i get the opportunity
to get lost in your fascinating eyes?
when do i get to revel in
your welcoming embrace?

when can i feel
your tender hands again?
when do i get the chance
to be with you again?

it’s only been weeks
since i last saw you,
but it feels like ages.
when do i see you again?

You are more than a good friend. Your sweetest way speaks volume you. You are not a perfect girl but i appreciate all of you.

Light Your Fire

i am always enthralled
by the thought of
enkindling your fire.

with just one touch
your eyes begin to glow,
your breasts
get perky with delight,
and your lips
widen with expectations.

there is a fire
within you that i love to ignite
just because it
heightens all your senses
allow your desires
to burn brightly.

best love poems

Sweet Smile

There are plenty of love poems that can be written for pretty girls, but these five will be some of the best. Whether you’re looking for something poetic or just want to make your gal feel good, these love poems are sure to hit the spot.

That Smile

that smile.
i have seen your smile
so many times, before
and somehow
i am yet to find
the right combination
of words to truly describe
what i see.

your smile.
i have felt it
so many times before
but every time
i see it
i feel like
i am feeling it
for the first time.

the look in your eyes
when you smile,
the glow on your face
that it paints,
and the beauty
of it all
makes each moment
in your smile, priceless.

I love the sound of your voice, its the sound of true love, its the soothing of my best friend.

In My Mind

in my mind, i can taste
the essence
of your invitational lips.

in my mind
i can feel the warmth
of your enticing embrace
which quenches
my insatiable thirst.

in my mind
i can feel  
electrifying sensations
seeping through my bone
making me excited.

in my mind
i can do
all the things
i want to do to you
just because its
in my mind.

pretty girl poems

African Princess

pretty girl poems are typically written about young girls or women who are considered to be attractive. These poems typically describe the girl in a positive light and often focus on her attractiveness and how it makes her special.

Just One Thought

just the thought
of you
and the days seem

just a fleeting thought
of you
and old familiar
seems refreshingly new.

just one thought
of you
changes everything.

You are the love of my life, your true beauty fills my waking hours . i love watching the beautiful smile on your rosy cheeks


you’re my reoccurring fantasy.
you’re that sweet aftertaste
in my mouth
that increases my yearnings.

you’re the heat
in my flames,
you’re the slippery in my slide,

the joy in my rides,
the bend in my bow.
the reason i smile
in places, others can’t see.


In conclusion, pretty girl poems are a great way to show your appreciation for all the beautiful girls in your life. They are also a fun way to express your creativity and romantic side. The lovely poems shared in this piece are like love letters to a pretty woman. So why not read one to your special someone?

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