5 Poems for Still Born Babies: It Never Gets Easy, We Just Learn to Cope Better

Poems for Still Born Babies

Poems for Still Born Babies

In the past, poets have written about the dead, but what about the stillborn babies who never had a chance to live? Poems for Still Born Babies is a collection of poems written to celebrate these children and their short lives while expressing the pain and sadness experienced by their loved ones.

The poems are written from the perspective of the mother, father, or other loved ones who have lost a stillborn baby. These poems offer comfort to those who have gone through this tragedy and demonstrate that life does go on.

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A Father’s Grief

When the father of a stillborn child learns of his son’s death, his grief is overwhelming. He grieves for the baby that he never got to hold and for the life that was cut short. The father mourns not just for himself, but also for the mother who was forced to go through such a painful experience.

My Unborn Loss

I can never understand why
Those memories still slice my heart
Into so many pieces…every time!

Now am recollecting:
Spilled hopes and dreams,
Folded premature plans,

A multitude of “what if?” and “how come?”
Scattered on the floor like
Unkempt toys
Amidst a bundle of simple yet
Unanswered questions.

I still have those names
Rich with meanings
And I still visualize faces.

These memories don’t take any coaxing
As they awake
In the middle of the night
From forgotten cribs.

So here I am again gently rocking;
Spilled hopes and dreams,
Folded premature plans,
A multitude of “what if?” and “how come?”

Scattered on the floor like
Unkempt toys
Amidst a bundle of simple
Yet unanswered questions.

They know my face well,
And at times they are
So bold they cry out in public places
And mock my strength and resilience.

So here I am rushing to cradle:
Spilled hopes and dreams,
Folded premature plans,
A multitude of “what if?” and “how come?”

Scattered on the floor like
Unkempt toys,
A bundle of simple
Yet unanswered questions,
Diaper pinned to my aching heart.

The Memories Won’t Leave

The memories of losing a baby won’t leave. They’ll stay with you forever, haunting you and reminding you of the pain and emptiness that you felt at the time. It’s hard to move on when your heart is still so heavy and your mind won’t let go. But you have to, for the sake of yourself and the baby that you lost. You have to find a way to heal and move on, no matter how hard it may seem at first.

You Are Everywhere

I know you are
No longer here
But I hear your voice
In the baby crying next door.

I can see your smile
On the face of the little
Skippy along on her way
To school.

I still have your baby clothes
Packed nearly away in your
Crib, I am not ready
To let go of you.

I still sit and think
About all the things I was planning
To do with you, I still think of
What you would have become
And all the endless possibilities.

My tears still flow
Every time I think of what
Could have been.

A Mother’s Loss

A mother’s losing her baby is never easy. No matter how much you may prepare for it, the reality of your child being gone forever is always devastating. Whether it be during childbirth or shortly after, the pain and loss that a mother experiences during this time are incomparable.

Her Tears

Her tears seeped
Through the thin walls
Of the room next
To the nursery that is
Still filled with the designs
Waiting for our baby
To come home.

We’ve been here before
And I know that my silence
And warm embrace will suffice,

I slumped to my knees
Next to her
And my hands reached out
To provide support.

My tears were waiting eagerly
For this opportunity. They trickled
Lazily down familiar tracks,
I have held so much in,
I have cried pales of tears before
But still, I cannot tell you when
This will end.

All the strategic planning,
All excited anticipation,
Now we must wait longer
To hear whose name will be
Utter as her first words-
It is mama or dada?

The Family’s Loss

The shock of losing a baby is something that can never be fully comprehended by anyone. When a baby dies in the womb before birth, the parents feel their hearts break in two as they realize that their child is gone forever. Even though death is always a sad thing, when it involves a baby it is doubly so.

He Never Came Home With Mommy

We knew all the relevant details,
We helped decorate his nursery,
We were all excited at the prospect
Of having a baby brother.

We were magnets to mom’s
Watermelon shaped belly
And we spent hours
Talking to him and feeling
His tiny kicks.

We heard the sound of dad’s car
Making its familiar sound in the
Driveway and we rushed to the backseat
Peering through the tinted car window.

Mom’s hands were empty!
He was not in her arms!

I rushed to the outside of the car
And yanked open the door!
He wasn’t in the car!

Mom, where is our brother?
Daddy, where is our baby brother?
Silence…followed by
The stifling grip of grief.

Mom, what happened
To our baby brother?

Shattered Dreams

Losing a baby is one of the most heartbreaking experiences a woman can go through. It’s not only the physical pain of childbirth but the emotional trauma of watching your child grow and then losing them. That’s why it’s so important to have supportive friends and family when you go through this difficult time.

She Never Got To Call Me Daddy?

I waited, I was patient and
I was supportive.
It was a difficult pregnancy
But we made it to the delivery date
Still bursting with excitement.

I was in the delivery room
And I was man enough
To endure her claw-like grips
And painfilled screams.

I saw her little head
For the first time,
It was filled with hair.

It seems like she took
An eternity plus some
To get out.

My eyes were wide with excitement
But the doctor’s body language
Swiftly wipes my burgeoning smile.

She wasn’t responding to his slaps
The way my mother told me I did-
Mine was a loud cry that
Dominated the delivery room.

I was now on the other side of the glass
Watching the skilled hands
Of experts in the medical field
Failed to save our most blessing.


Writing poems for stillborn babies can be a therapeutic way to deal with the loss of a child. It can also be a way to help the parents of the baby to heal. If you are experiencing the death of a baby, consider writing poems as a way to cope and heal.

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