Mother’s Day Tribute Poem: To All the Powerful and Strong Women We Call Mother

Mother’s Day Tribute Poem

Mother's Day Tribute Poem
Mothers are the educators of the nation

My mother passed away a few years ago but I still remember the lessons and the love she showed me. If you are still blessed to have your mother alive let every day be a day to celebrate her.

I shed so many tears while writing these poems for this post because there is so much I have to be thankful for because I was blessed with a mother who was so much to us in so many ways. Thank you, Mommy.

Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate mothers and motherhood. It is a time to show appreciation for all that mothers do for their families. Many people choose to write poems in honor of their mothers on Mother’s Day.

These poems can be about everything from the things mothers have done for them, to how much they appreciate their mothers, to memories of good times spent with their mothers. Here are my Mother’s Day poems, as I remember all my mother did for me:

Poem about Mother

Mother feeding daughter
Mother feeding daughter

A poem about a mother is not just something that is written on paper, it is a feeling, it is an emotion. It is something that comes from the heart and soul.

It is a way to express what we feel inside, to show our appreciation, our love, and our gratitude for all that she has done for us.

A poem about a mother is a gift that we can give to her, and it is something that she will cherish forever.

Always My Mama

It was the comfort of
Her Womb
That provided me
With nine months of
Priceless security and loving nurturing.

From the beginning
It was always a Mama,
My Mama.

In those vulnerable 
And susceptible years,
She provided me with
Unconditional love and tender care.

Through my early years
It was always a Mama,
My Mama.

In the spring of my
Teenage years
She was always there
To guide and direct me
With firm yet gentle hands
And reassuring words of
Wisdom and indescribable love.

In those vital years
My Mama was always there.
In my grown and rebellious years
When her advice sometimes
Conflict and pain.

Despite my stubborn ways
It was my Mama who
Continued to care.

As I grew older and wiser
It's becoming more apparent
That my Mama will always be here.

Her memories,
Her wisdom,
Her traditions,
Her unique love,
In so many ways

Despite the departed years,
It's still always my Mama
Who often guides and direct
My ways.

Just like my beginning
It’s still always my Mama
In so many ways.

Always my Mama, your strength and compassion, your unconditional love, your nurturing, guiding light. In good times and bad, you are forever there for me, my rock, my shelter. Always my Mama.

r. A. bentinck

Mother’s Day Poems from Child

Mother's Day Tribute Poem
The sky is the limit with mothers

Mother’s Day is a special day to celebrate the mothers in our lives. Children often show their appreciation for their mothers with heartfelt poems.

These poems are a great way to express the love and gratitude we have for our mothers. Here are some Mother’s Day poems from children that are sure to make your mother smile.

To Mothers Everywhere

To mothers everywhere,
We owe you a debt we can never repay.

You've loved us, fed us, clothed us,
And sharing your wisdom with us
Every day.
Your indomitable strength and courage
Have seen us through rough times,
And your unfiltered compassion
Has comforted us in our times of sorrow.

There's never been a problem
Too big or too small
That you couldn't help us solve.

There’s never been a mountain
Too steep that you didn’t help us climb.

Today we say thank you
For always being there for us,
Every step of the way,
Night or day,
Good times and bad times.

Happy Mother's Day!

For the Nine Month

For the nine months, you carried me.
Thank you, mama.

For the countless sacrifices, 
You’ve made,
Thank you, mama.

For the countless sleepless night
When you were up caring for me,
Thank you, mama.

For the times you kept me warm
In the frigid cold,
Thank you, mama.

For doing everything you could,
To keep me safe and sound,
In an often perilous world,
Thank you, mama.

For believing in me when
No one else did,
Thank you, mama.

For the nine months, you carried me,
Loving, caring, and nurturing me
Inside of you,
Thank you, mama.

Dear mothers everywhere, you are the glue that holds everything together. You are the backbone of our families. Your love is unconditional, you are always there for us, no matter what. We appreciate everything you do for us. Thank you for being our mothers.

r. A. bentinck

Short Mother’s Day Poems

Mother's Day Tribute Poem
I am a Mother’s boy and proud of it

When it comes to celebrating Mother’s Day, sometimes it is the short poems that say it best. Here are some of the most memorable and touching Mother’s Day poems that express the deep love and appreciation we have for our mothers.

My Mama Didn’t

I would never disrespect a woman!
My mama didn’t raise me that way.
By her daily actions
She taught me the importance
Of loving and respecting women.

You can never lure or trick me
With your material possessions,
My mama didn’t raise me that way.
She taught me the power
Of being independent and working
For my own.

You will never see me looking down
On the poor and helpless,
My mama didn’t raise me that way,
She taught me how to help
A brother or sister in their times of need.

You will never see me
Spitting on my ancestors' history or legacy,
My mama didn’t raise me that way,
She taught me the importance
Of knowing where I came from,
As chartered my path forward,

She taught me how to respect
Those whose shoulders I now stand
Proudly on.
My mama didn’t raise any fool!

My Mother’s Tender Touch

There is nothing
That compares to
My mother's tender touch.

Her touch
Comforts me,
Her touch heals me,
Her touch makes me
Feel secure,
Her touch
Is the cure to all
That ails me.

My mother's tender touch
Is like no other in this world.

Her touch makes me
Feel so safe,
Her touch
Makes me feel loved,
Her touch
Motivates me,
Her touch
Invigorates me.
Her touch
Lifts me up when I'm feeling down.

There is nothing
Like my mother’s touch.

My mama didn’t raise no fool, I was taught how to stand up for myself. I was never given anything I didn’t earn, so I know how to work hard for what I want. My mama didn’t raise no fool, she taught me how to be independent. I know how to take care of myself, and I can handle whatever life throws at me.

r. A. bentinck

The Power of a Mother’s Hand

A mother's hands
My mother’s hands

A mother’s love is unending. It is a force that cannot be measured. The power of a mother’s hand has been proven time and time again.

A mother’s touch can soothe a fussy baby, calm a worried child, and offer comfort to her family in times of need. The strength of a mother’s love is unmatched.

My Mother’s Hands

These are the strong hands that
Cradled me in my feeble years,
These are the gentle hands that nurtured
And protected me,
These are the loving hands that fed me,

These are my mother’s hands.

These are the firm hands that
Scolded me,
Guided me,
Protected me,
And transformed into a menacing
Finger wagging weapon,
Reminding me to keep in line
And stay in line, or they will give me
A good ass whopping.

These are my mother’s hands.

These are the caring hands that comforted me
Reminded me that in them
I will always have a place to find
Peace and comfort,
These are my mother’s hands.

The voice of love is something special It’s like a lullaby that always calms the soul. It’s the sound of protection, and a guiding light. It’s the thing that makes us feel safe and whole

r. A. bentinck

A Mother’s Unconditional Love

Mother and son
The loving ways of a mother

A mother’s love is truly unconditional. They love their children no matter what they do or say. A mother’s love is never-ending and will always be there for their children, even when they make mistakes.

A mother’s love is unselfish and always puts their children first. A mother’s love is the strongest force in the world and nothing can ever break it.

My Mother’s Voice

There is no sweeter sound
Than hearing my mother
Calling my name.

My mother’s voice is a voice of love
It comforts and reassures me
And it's a voice that I always want to hear.

When things are tough and I'm feeling blue,
My mother’s voice is like a ray of sunshine
That makes everything seem okay.

No matter how bad things might seem,
My mother’s voice will always
Comfort and reassure me.

There's nothing like
The sound of mother’s voice
It fills my heart with so much joy
I never doubt her love, no matter what
For when I hear her voice,
I know it’s the voice of love.

Final Thoughts on Mother’s Day Tribute Poem

mother and son outdoors
Mother and son outdoor adventures

In conclusion, the mother’s day tribute poem is my way of saying thank you to all the powerful and strong women we call mothers.

Thank you for your strength, your wisdom, and your guidance. Thank you for being a role model and an inspiration.

We love you and we appreciate everything you do for us. Mothers are powerful and strong women who should be honoured and celebrated each and every day.

Whether they are biological mothers, stepmothers, or any other type of mother figure, they all play an important role in our lives.

Let’s all take a moment to thank the mothers in our lives for everything they do for us, and let’s also take this opportunity to show them how much we love and appreciate them.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Bentinck is a bestselling author in Caribbean and Latin American Poetry, he is a multifaceted individual who excels as both an artist and educator.

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