My Pillow: A Mesmerizing Love Poem!

My Pillow

My Pillow
My Pillow
These are stories 
I will never tell
But my pillow
Knows them well.

Stories of those nights
When you hurt me
So deeply
That my pillow
Dried my tears
Without me asking.

My pillow knows.

Stories of those dreams
That had me waking up
In the middle of the night
Calling your name
As I yearn for
Your blanket embrace.

These stories my pillow knows.

Some stories
I will never tell
But my pillow knows them well.

Stories of me up
Late at night
Refusing to go to sleep
Counting your delicious memories
While holding sleep at bay.

Some stories
Aren't meant to be told
Still, my pillow knows.

Stories of nights
Listening to the radio
And the DJ seems to know us so well

Every selection
Reminds me of you.

Every selection has me singing
Disturbing the peace
Of my neighborhood sleep.
These stories
My pillow knows well.

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