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The Rise of Spoken Word Poetry: The Modern Poetry Game-Changer

Spoken Word Poetry

spoken word poetry performer

Spoken word poetry is on the rise. From poetry slams to open mics and listening parties, people are getting more interested in spoken word poetry than ever before.

Spoken word poets use their voices, flows, and storytelling skills to captivate audiences in a way that no other form of poetry can.

Once seen as a niche art form, this creative form of expression has been steadily gaining popularity among the masses and is now an integral part of many modern cultures. Spoken word poetry is here to stay.

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The Rise of Spoken Word Poetry

Spoken word poetry performer

One of the most important aspects of spoken word poetry is the fact that it is a form of art. This means artists are able to create new and exciting pieces of work for audiences everywhere, unlike other forms of poetry that require pen and paper.

In contrast to other forms of poetry, spoken word poets have the freedom to express themselves creatively in many different ways.

They are able to use their voices as instruments, with microphones or without, and engage their audience using storytelling skills.

Furthermore, because this form of poetry is more accessible than traditional forms such as writing or reading, it is able to reach more people.

Another important aspect of spoken word poetry is its accessibility. As stated previously, this form is more accessible than other forms of poetry because it doesn’t require a pen or paper; just your voice.

Spoken word literature also appeals to young people as they are often attracted to lyrics and stories instead of images or words on a page. In addition, the modern trend in technology has helped this genre gain popularity due to social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, which allow people to share their work easily with others.

Thirdly, spoken word poetry has gained popularity due to its ability to bridge gaps between different cultures.

Uncovering what it means to be human through dialogue mixed with your own personal voice allows you to understand different cultural perspectives while still respecting them at the end of the day.

Spoken word poet

Spoken word poetry is becoming more popular because of the globalized and accessible nature of the art form.

Poetry has always been a part of our culture, helping to define and shape our society. With spoken word, poets are able to use their voice in ways that other forms of writing cannot.

In order to appreciate this form of poetry, you don’t need a large vocabulary or advanced knowledge of literary techniques. With spoken word, poets can be speaking directly to people in their native language and use words that are natural to them.

The accessibility factor makes it easy for people around the world to participate in this creative art form and for those who are not familiar with spoken word poetry at all to still be able to enjoy the spectacle it creates.

Spoken word poetry and the art movement

Emi Mahmoud
Spoken Word Poet, Emi Mahmoud

It is said that spoken word poetry is a direct descendant of the art movement. The Arts Movement was a collection of cultural, political, and social movements in Europe and America from the late 1800s to the mid-1900s.

This movement was mainly focused on creating art without relying on traditional styles. It was a time when artists were creating different forms of innovative work that more closely resembled everyday life than traditional forms.

This trend has continued well into today’s culture. Nowadays, spoken word poetry is being used as a major tool for expression, especially in urban areas where it can be found at open mics and listening parties all across America and the world.

What sets spoken word poetry apart from other forms of poetry?

Woman performing spoken word poetry

Spoken word poetry is unlike any other form of poetry. It’s a form of art that uses the poet’s voice, flow, and storytelling skills to captivate audiences in a way that no other form of poetry can.

Spoken word poetry has its roots in spoken word performances and slam poetry competitions, which started in the 1980s.

According to an article written in contactmcr.com, entitled Slam: A Brief History. “The movement began in 1986, hosted by Marc at the Green Mill Cocktail Lounge in Uptown Chicago. He believed that “the very word ‘poetry’ repels people… we need people to talk poetry to each other”.

Slams are competitive events where poets are judged on their originality, skill, and ability to tell a story through performance rather than solely relying on written works.

The future of spoken word poetry

woman performing poetry

The future of spoken word poetry is secure for two main reasons:

1. Spoken word poetry content is relatable

Spoken word poetry has the ability to reach a wider audience than any other form of poetry. People find spoken word poetry relatable, and the stories that come with it are always interesting.

By using their own experiences, spoken word poets tell a story that everyone can understand. Some people might not be able to identify with the content, but they will be able to connect with it because of their own experiences. But even if you don’t relate to the content, you still enjoy the poetic style and delivery of this type of art form.

2. Spoken word poetry is an experience.

One of the reasons spoken word poetry is so popular is because it’s an experience when you’re listening to it live or watching it on YouTube or streaming live on Facebook Live.

Spoken word poems have a different dynamic when compared to other forms of poetry because they’re performed in front of an audience rather than read by a poet in a book or recorded on tape or vinyl.

This is what makes spoken word poems so special; it gives listeners and viewers something more than just words on paper or music on sound waves. It gives them an emotion-filled experience and one that they probably wouldn’t get from reading or listening to other forms of poetry.

Final Thoughts on Spoken Word Poetry Conclusion

Spoken poetry mic drop

The rise of spoken word poetry and poetry competitions has led to a general shift from reading to listening in the modern world and a subsequent need for professionals who can write successful spoken word poetry.

If you wish to join this exciting and creative field, be aware that the first step to success is talent.

If you already have adequate talent, you should look for all opportunities for practice, like poetry events, looking at videos of performance art, and entering competitions that specifically target your area of interest or niche.

Read blogs on poetry and spoken word poetry. Finally, stay focused on achieving good results with discipline and an open mind.

Thank you for taking the time to read. Feel free to leave your thoughts on spoken word poetry in the comments section below.

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