Coffee Loving: a delicious and energizing way to start your day.

Coffee Loving Poetry

a cup of Coffee-Coffee loving
Coffee Loving Poetry
Coffee loving: Coffee is the best part of my day, my morning ritual, a routine.

I’m a coffee lover. There’s no denying that. I love the smell of fresh-brewed coffee, and I love the taste. I even like the bitter aftertaste that some people seem to hate. But when it comes to writing poetry, I’ve always steered clear of including coffee as one of my main themes.

That is, until now. Recently, I’ve been writing poems about coffee and all of its delicious goodness, and I’m loving every minute of it! If you’re a poetry reader or lover yourself, then this blog post is for you. In it, I’ll share some of my favorite coffee-themed poems with you. Enjoy!

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Coffee love: a selection of poetry

a cup of steaming coffee
Coffee loving is like a hug for your brain

If you’re a coffee-lover, then you’ll appreciate these poems that are all about that morning cup of joe. Whether describing the aroma, the taste, or the experience of drinking it, these poems will make you want to brew a pot for yourself! So curl up with a mug of coffee and enjoy some poetry that’s just as warm and comforting as your favorite drink.

Not Just Coffee

This is not just
About sipping coffee.

It’s about
Your priceless company,

The relaxing mood,
It’s about creating memories,

This is not just
About sipping coffee.

It’s about you and me
And all that we share.

Waitress, can you pour me
Some more coffee, please?

One Cup of Coffee

Your morning cuddling company
And one cup of coffee,
black and bitter,
is all I need to jumpstart my day.

You inspire me
And coffee fuels me,
It’s my source of energy.

One cup of coffee and
Your cuddling company
What more can ask for?

It’s the perfect way
To start my day.


I wake up in the morning
And I crave a cappuccino
I need that coffee
To jump-start my day,
So, I can get moving
And be on my way.

I head to the coffee shop
And place my order
As I wait for my drink,
I can’t help but notice you.

I look around at all the people
Who are in a hurry
Not taking the time to enjoy
The finer side of life.

Your eyes meet mine
And you greeted me with
An inviting smile.

I extended a
Coffee drinking invitation
And you obliged.

Countless sips later
We are still engrossed
In an, ‘I don’t want to leave’
Kind of conversation.

Coffee craving
Coffee drinking
Is different when I’m sitting
In conversation with you.

Coffee and Kisses

My love for coffee
Is just like
My love of kissing you.

It’s strong and never-ending
I need them both
To start my day, and sometimes
At noontime and in the evenings
I get the graving for
Coffee and your kisses.

My days are not the same
Without either of them,
Coffee is
The perfect way to start my day,
Kissing is
The perfect complement.

When I have them both
I know that I’m going
To have a great day.

Coffee is the best way
To start my day,
I love the smell and
How it makes me feel awake.

Kisses from you are also
The best way to start my day.
I love the feeling of lips on mine
And how it makes me feel alive.

I love drinking coffee and
I love kisses from you.

Coffee Loving

I love the smell of coffee
In the morning,
The sound of the coffee machine
Perking, and the taste of coffee
The coffee flavor on your warm lips.

Coffee is like a warm hug in a mug,
It’s the best way to start my day.

And having you here beside me
Makes this so special.

I love to sit down with you
And a cup of coffee, relaxing
While we conversate the time away.

Having coffee with you
Is my favorite way to start the day,
And it always makes me feel better.

Coffee Lovers: a collection of poems

Coffee in cup
Coffee loving is like Love at first sip. It's the sweetest love of all 
you can feel it in your heart. 

Coffee is a beverage that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It has a long history and is known for its many benefits, including giving people energy. Coffee lovers are often poets because the beverage inspires them to create beautiful words. Here are five coffee poems that will give you a taste of what coffee lovers are capable of.

Coffee and You

There’s something about
The smell of coffee and
Having you near me,
That just makes this moment
Very special,

It’s like two hugs for my brain
And it’s the perfect way
To get my day started.

You are one of the best things
To happen to me yet,
And sipping my coffee
Compliments it perfectly.
I get to savor the flavor
Of your presence in a way
Only drinking coffee with you can.

My world is different
With you and coffee in it;
And I’m not just saying that
Because I love you just as much
As I love
The caffeinated seducer
In you.

Brewed Together

It’s our morning ritual,
Brewing together,
Sharing one pot of coffee;
Ours is a love that’s strong
As its aroma.

We take turns stirring,
Adding cream and sugar,
Blending our two lives together.

Our mornings
Wouldn’t be the same
Without this ritual.

Brewed together,
This is another way we make
And share love together.

The comfort and warmth
We share
In these brewing moments,
Makes our lives so much sweeter.

Each morning finds us,
Fused as one through
The simple cups of coffee
We share.

These shared moments of
Peace and love,
Has done so much
To bring us closer together
And keeping our love
Fresh and strong.

Love at First Sip

I was enticed by you
The moment we met,
It was love at first sip.

I couldn’t help but surrender
To your flavored charm
Of your aroma,
It was love at first sip.

It was clear from the start
That we were going to
Fall for each other.
It was love at first sip.

And now, after sharing
Many kisses, hugs
And slow sips. I know now
That I’m more in love with you
Than when we first met.

Sipping on Love

Sipping on love,
A morning ritual
We share.

The coffee is strong
And so is the love.

You pour into my cup
And I pour into yours.

This love is
Brewed fresh daily.

Loving you is easy
While we are sipping coffee.

Brewing Love

Brewing love
Is a sweet and simple thing.
It starts with just a little flame
And heat slowly.

Brewing love
Take patient and time
You’ve to be careful
Or you can get burn.

Brewing love
Is like a simmering pot,
It can get extra hot.
But if you leave it
Off the heat for too long
It can get cold.

Brewing love
Is like a pot of fine coffee,
Brewed with care and lots of love.
Its flavor is smooth,
With a hint of sweetness from above.

Brewing Together: a perfect pairing

Brewing Together-a cup of coffee
If you're looking for something special, Something that will fill your heart with joy coffee loving will be perfect for you. 

How many times have you had the opportunity to brew coffee with your lover? This is a great way to spend some quality time together, and it’s also a fun way to show your appreciation for one another. Not only is coffee a great way to start your day, but it can also be enjoyed as a relaxant or as part of a shared ritual.

For coffee drinkers, it’s an opportunity to enjoy each other’s company while sipping on a delicious cup of joe. Of course, brewing coffee together is a great way to add even more pleasure to your relationship. Enjoy some of our poems inspired by coffee.

Coffee Shops

This is the place to be.
The smell of coffee beans
In the air,
The sound of coffee machines
Working overtime.

A sense of tranquillity permeates
The aroma-filled atmosphere.

This is our romantic safe place,
This is our mid-morning getaway,

This is the place we come to bond,
This is our love fertilizer.

The feel of a paper cup
In our hands,
The taste of coffee in our mouths.

This is the place for
Healthy conversations and
Time well spent.

The scene of people
Sitting and talking,
The peace and calm
That comes with being
In this place.

There are very few places
That can mimic the atmosphere
In a coffee shop.

One More Sip

I can’t get enough of
the taste,
the smell,
the warmth and
the flavors of this coffee and you.

One more sip, please.

I need one more sip
Of your deliciousness
And my coffee before
I start my day.

Just one more sip.

Each sip energizes me
And gets me going, it gives me
The push I need. It’s like a party
For my taste buds.

One last sip

In conclusion, coffee is a great way to start your day. It gives you energy and helps you focus. Whether you like black coffee or prefer to add cream and sugar, there are plenty of coffee options to choose from. So, the next time you take a break to enjoy your morning joe, why not read poems from Coffee Loving while drinking a cup of coffee. You may be surprised at how well it works for you.

And if you enjoyed the poems in this post, why not grab a copy of Coffee Loving – a collection inspired by coffee below?

Bentinck is a bestselling author in Caribbean and Latin American Poetry, he is a multifaceted individual who excels as both an artist and educator.

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