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A Lover’s Question: 1 Heartfelt Poetic Enquiry

A Question

“A Lover’s Question” is a heartfelt poem that delves into the complex emotions of a person in love.

A Lover’s Question
A Lover’s Question

The poem questions the essence of human connection and the search for true intimacy through vivid imagery and poignant language.

As the reader journeys through the lines, they are invited to reflect on their own experiences of love and the questions that arise from them.

A Lover’s Question

Do you still love me?
I am not feeling the heat.
From your flames anymore.

Do you still love me?
Or has your love grown cold?
I want to know.

Your natural vibes
It seems to lose its magnetic pull.

I need to know,
For my heart cannot take more
Of this blooming uncertainty.
Do you still love me?
Please tell me the truth,
So my restless heart
It can beat with ease.

I still love you with all of my heart.
And I’ll always love you,
No matter what happens.

Closing Thoughts

“A Lover’s Question” is a beautiful poetic inquiry that captures the essence of love and the longing for connection.

Through its evocative imagery and poignant language, the poem invites the reader to explore their own experiences of love and the questions that arise from them.

Whether you are a hopeless romantic or a skeptic of love, this poem will touch your heart and leave you with a sense of wonder about the complexities of the human heart.

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