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A Story for Her Heart

A Story for Her Heart: An Authentic Poem for Lovers

A Poem for Lovers

A Story for Her Heart
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A Story for Her Heart

There once was a story,
told to a heart in need,
filled with love and courage,
to help her find her way.

Tell her a story for her heart,
When the night is long,
And the stars are glowing,

When she needs to feel loved
Tell her she has a prince
In you. One who will love her
With all of his heart,
Until the end of time.

A story for her heart
She wants to hear a story
Something to make her feel loved
Fill her with happiness

And give her hope for the future
A story that is true
And has a happy ending
Tell her a story from the heart.

r. A. bentinck
r. A. bentinck

r. A. bentinck is a #1 Best Seller author in Caribbean & Latin American Poetry, He is an Artist and Educator with a B. A. Degree in Fine Arts (Hons) and a Diploma in Education from the University of Guyana.

Articles: 165

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