Missing You: An Emotion-Drenched Ode to Yearning & Nostalgia

Missing You

Missing You” is a touching poem that captures the essence of longing and remembrance. Through heartfelt words and vivid imagery, it elicits the raw emotions of missing a loved one.

Missing You
Missing You

Whether separated by distance, time, or circumstance, the yearning for that particular person can feel overwhelming.

However, through the power of poetry, we can find solace in cherished memories. Let us embark on a heartfelt journey, delving into the depths of missing you and the enduring strength of love.

Missing You

Missing You

I can’t help but think of you
Every day since you’ve been gone,
I know you’ll be back in a few months
But I am caged in by this feeling
Of loneliness.

Your goodbye kisses
And the memories we’ve made
On the rationed time, we had
It makes it harder for me. Baby, I’m
Missing you, and it’s driving me

I know we still get to call and facetime
But that doesn’t soothe the aches
Of loneliness welling up inside.
I’m missing you, baby!
It’s getting harder not to think of you
As the minutes crawl by.
Baby, I’m missing you!

I wish we could have been together,
Longer, and
I hope things could be different,
But until the next flight in
Baby, I will miss you. 

Closing Thoughts On Missing You

This powerful poem reminds us of our deep emotional bonds with those we love.

It captures the pain of separation and the longing for a reunion and celebrates the enduring power of love and the memories that sustain us through difficult times.

Whether you are missing a loved one who has passed away or are separated by distance or circumstance, this poem offers hope and comfort.

So let its words echo in your heart and remind you that even while missing you, love endures.

Bentinck is a bestselling author in Caribbean and Latin American Poetry, he is a multifaceted individual who excels as both an artist and educator.

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