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Women dancing to One Dance, dancehall style

Did You Ever Get Turned on by One Dance and You Thought About Giving it Up Right There on The Dance Floor?

One dance captures well George Bernard Shaw's description of slow dancing, "the vertical expression of a horizontal desire legalized by music."
Dancers dancing to One Dance
Dancers on the dance floor

Song titles and dance demands are associated with one dance. It does, however, have a strong connection to nightclubs and dancehall events. From making seductive eye contact with someone on the other side of the dance floor to going through dream and romantic periods. Imaginary foreplay, sexual intercourse, climaxing, and post-coital bliss are all examples of post-coital ecstasy. These are all real possibilities in a nightclub or dancehall environment, as farfetched as they may seem. George Bernard Shaw characterized dancing as “the vertical expression of a horizontal desire legalized by music.”

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What is the impact of music on dance?

The music affects how the audience or crowd sees the dance by setting the tone or atmosphere. The pace and phrasing of the movement may be affected by the music’s beat. There is music everywhere. We can listen to music while walking or driving to school. While shopping and waiting, we listen to music. When we’re watching TV, we frequently hear music.

Because music is so ubiquitous in our lives, it can conjure up memories of people or situations. A song might bring back memories of a loved one or a special occasion. Music has the ability to transport us to new places. We are transported when we listen to rhythms and sounds from diverse nations and civilizations. Music has a powerful effect on our emotions and bodies when we’re in a nightclub, especially when we’re dancing with someone.

couple in one dance mood
Couple dancing outdoors

The dangerous dilemma of one dance

cuoples dancing to reggae music
Dancehall dancing Caribbean style

Sometimes the seductive powers of music coupled with dancing can be a dangerous concoction as Beres Hammond brilliantly described in his musical selection entitled: What one dance can do. The lyrics you can find below and you can listen to the selection here.

For those of us in the Caribbean who frequent the nightclubs and dancehall events, we can relate to the situation described by Hammond. If not directly, on a second-hand basis.

What One Dance Can Do

I’d like to tell you a story about (story about)
What one dance can do
(What one dance can do)
One dance can do
One dance can do

Oh listen up

After one dance on the floor

She came back wanting for more (for more)
Now I don’t know what it is that I’ve got
What she whispered, it was so nice, so nice
But her man is sitting across the way
And he could hear the things I say
Now he watches from the corner of his eyes
So a move like this would be so unwise

Ooh, ooh, he’s standing in my way

Standing in my way, yeah hey

You could see

She was more than ready
To make the move with me anytime
Not even thinking of the consequences, oh no, no
So I had to think quickly
‘Cause her man, his face was looking oh so mean
As if anytime he could create a scene
So gently I pushed her away
Oh, oh, he wants to spoil the play

He’s standing in my way, yeah

He’s standing in my way, woii

Now, I understand how he feels

But I wish he’d give me a little room
I know he’s got himself a raw deal
But I’d like to leave with this lady soon
I didn’t mean to be so unkind
But I had more than two, but one was looking fine
Big spender he was, had to have his own way
Thought he’d leave, but he stayed, ooh ooh

Still standing in my way

Standing in my way
Standing in my way, hey
Standing in my way (standing)
Standing in my way

That’s what one dance can do

Standing in my way
One dance can do
Standing in my way
Still standing in my way

After one dance on the floor

She came back wanting for more
Source: LyricFind
Songwriters: Alexander Greggs / Dennis Shaw / Ian Dyer / Sandy Smith / Willie Lindo

One dance: a poet’s expression

In this poem, r. A. bentinck captures well the magical moments created by great music on a couple who surrendered to the inner urges spiked by the typical nightclub atmosphere and the right kind of music, in this case, The Best of Beres Hammond.

One Dance (Gingerbay Café)

in a dimly lit café
her natural beauty
illuminated the table.

soft red light gently caresses
her luscious features
as slow reggae jams
dominate the cosy space.

Beres Hammond was
at his vintage best,
so i asked her for one dance.

that night,
the DJ was indulging in musical sorcery-
with every selection,
we sink
in a sea of romantic fantasies.

her now warm body so soft
i can taste her silky smoothness,
her head upon my chest as the lyrics
take us away captives,
my lips refashioned
from whispering honeyed words,
to playfully pecking her forehead
to lightly caressing
her irresistible lips.

we are now drifting in musical waves
where slow dancehall
bump and grind
evoke fast and choppy breaths.
sensual rhythms tie us up so close
that the tip of my nose
skim across her steaming body
the heat…
radiates the soothing fragrance
of her arresting perfume
i am anchored!

we are lost in this dancehall sea
and time no longer has meaning
as we sail on from one
musical selection to another,
riding the waves of a multitude of
lyrical passion.

One Dance

One dance as a flirting technique

Women dancing to One Dance, dancehall style
Dancehall Scene-photo from Jamaica Experiences

Audrey Hall recorded “One Dance Won’t Do” in 1986, an answer record to Beres Hammond’s “What One Dance Can Do”, produced by Donovan Germain, which took her into the UK top 20. Read the lyrics below to appreciate the female perspective on one dance and listen to it song here.

One Dance Won’t Do

Audrey Hall

one dance, one dance, just won’t do
one dance, one dance, just won’t do
you think one will do
then I’ll go home with you
you’re crazy
It takes much more you see
just to go out with me
you’re crazy

That man standing in your way
he’s my man and he don’t play
No no he don’t play
I just wanted to see what he would do
if I dance with another man
I was flirting with you
just to see what he would do

I let you hold me tight
squeeze me with all your might while dancing
I didn’t know my touch turned you on so much while dancing
That man standing in your way
he’s my man and he don’t play

No no he don’t play
I just wanted to see what he would do
if I dance with another man
I was flirting with you
just to see what he would do
I’ve got to go out now
but I think I know how you’re feeling
I’d like to stay a while
just to console your pride your feeling
but that man standing in your way
he’s my man and he don’t play…..
No he dont play

I just wanted to see what he would do
if I dance with another man
I was flirting with you
just to see what he would doone dance just won’t do”
one dance just wont do!!

The influence of dance in our lives

Couples dancing in a nightclub
couple dancing in a nightclub

Dancing is a very natural activity. It has the potential to transform into a sort of meditation. It stimulates the production of endorphins, which provide a natural high. Dancing enhances our metabolism and blood flow, and it also improves our mood.

It’s something that all youngsters do instinctively, and it has the unintended consequence of raising our vibrations. Dancing has the ability to put us into a reverie. It can immerse us entirely in the present.

Some dancing is spiritual, while others are cultural in nature, and still, others are simply for relaxation and enjoyment of the moment. The end consequence is always the same: an increase in the amount of energy and positive vibrations.

One dance: the last seductive move

couple dancing to one dance
Couple slow dancing

According to science, music and dance have a deep link that has the capacity to affect the mind and brain. The magical effects are caused by the brain’s influence on the dance, not by the dance itself. Music is one of the world’s oldest ways of communication, dating back over 10,000 years since the first human voice was heard.

Music and dancing used to be great tools for bringing people together, and they still are, but as a method of self-expression and creativity in today’s environment, they are becoming increasingly sophisticated. New musicians are also combining genres and sounds to create a more broad market for everyone to enjoy.

Have you ever experienced a one dance situation or heard of any? Share some of those spicy stories in the comments section below. Thank you for taking the time to read.

r. A. bentinck
r. A. bentinck

r. A. bentinck is a #1 Best Seller author in Caribbean & Latin American Poetry, He is an Artist and Educator with a B. A. Degree in Fine Arts (Hons) and a Diploma in Education from the University of Guyana.

Articles: 165

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