9 Poems About Relationships: The heartache and hope

Poems About Relationships

Poems About Relationships

In relationships, poems can play an important role in communicating love and affection. By sharing poems with our partners, we can express our deepest emotions and connect on a deeper level. In addition, poems can also be used to resolve conflict and build understanding. Ultimately, poems about relationships can help us to feel more connected and close to our loved ones.

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Poems about relationships
Poems about relationships

Love and Relationships poems

Love and relationships poems have been around for centuries. They are a way for people to express their emotions and feelings towards someone else. Often, these poems are written about love and relationships that have ended.

However, they can also be about new love and relationships that are just beginning. Love and relationships poems can be sad, happy, or anywhere in between. They can be about any kind of love, including romantic love, family love, or platonic love.

1. The Petal Spell

i saw her smile
from a million miles away 
as she approached me.

with the gentlest of embrace
she greeted me 
with soft lips to my earlobe
she whispered words that 
vanquish my fears and blues
and straightaway i fell
under her petal spell.

we spent time in the company 
of intellectual conversations
and she captivated 
my interest and curiosity.
and gradually i surrendered
to the powers 
of her petal spell.

she knows how 
to make me smile even in 
the most gloomy situations,
she has the Midas effect
on almost everything
she touches in my life.

and just like that
i fell headlong 
into her petal spell.

one day 
she trusted me
enough with her petals
like she trusted 
the butterfly 
she let me taste her nectar.
ever since that day
i have sunk deeper 
in her petal spell.

2. Fleeting Moments

these moments with you
though few and far apart,
i count and cherish 
each one of them
with all of my heart.

those moments when 
we can steal away 
without anyone knowing.
without anyone noticing,
i savour them all.

race and religion have dealt us
a cruel and insensitive blow.
they have us hiding 
our love lights under a bushel.

they rob us of so much
of what we have in common
and is dying to share with
each other.

they have robbed us 
of the burning need
to be free to love each other 
the way we choose.

they are stifling our
growth together.
as we sit here in this cosy
yet unfriendly room

i can feel the time as it slips
through our fingers 
and i can feel
the cumulative sadness
coursing through our veins
transforming our faces.

it’s the end of another episode,
of sneak away.
its time for us to go
our separate ways.

another kiss goodbye,
another bittersweet embrace,
another until we can find a way
to steal some more time
to be with each other.

another bouquet of memory
to be placed in the vase
of our accumulated escapades. 

3. In My Dreams

did you feel it?

last night i was 
butterfly caressing you.
your eyes got wide with
sensual excitement and
your skin glistened 
with perspiration from
the ensuing heat.

did you feel it?

my fingers were roaming
the pastures of your
hidden fantasies and 
i felt your awakened pores
speaking a familiar language 
of desire.

did you hear me?

i was whispering in your ears
all the things i carried as secrets
all these years.
i have been waiting 
for this opportune moment
just say what you have always
mean to me.

did you smell it?
i was wearing your favourite fragrance
the one that makes you giddy
with weakness,	
that same one that breakdown
all your resistance

didn’t you feel me, baby? 

last night you were
in my dreams
and i didn’t want 
to wake up.

Poems about relationships ups and downs

In any close relationship, there are bound to be ups and downs. This is reflected in much of the poetry written about relationships. For example, a poem might describe the euphoria of falling in love, followed by the pain of heartbreak.

Or, a poem might describe the mundane day-to-day reality of a long-term relationship. In either case, poetry can provide insight into the complex emotions involved in relationships.

4. Unexplained Tears

if only her tears could speak
i would hear more 
than what i can see
and more than she chooses 
to say to me.

kept in emotions 
seeping through her red and 
swollen eyelids which buckle under 
the weight of built-up stress
and intense pressures.

if her tears could 
mirror her true hurt
the unspoken pains
she conceals 
maybe i would
be more compassionate
in the appropriate way.

more understanding.
more sympathetic.

i have sat through
many of her unexplained tears.

i have been in the company
of tears where the only things
i was knowledgeable to offer 
was my supportive shoulders
and a smattering of comforting words.

if only her tears were acid enough
to burn my skins,
maybe when they fall 
from her eyes 
i would be able to relate
to her on a deeper level
when she is this sad.

5. The Ex-Factor

some girls never get over it.
there are always residues
of an ex-boyfriend
or an ex-lover loitering
in the corners of their minds.

they gossip about their ex
with friends and family
and every so often
you get compared to him,
sometimes favourably 
other times unfavourably.

there are the blame games for
adverse and recurring 
unsavoury behaviours.
in the ex crossfire 
i am a victim of things i never created. 

her apparent lack of trust
in some of my innocent actions,
her unfounded and frequent suspicions
about my precise whereabouts
and unanswered calls.

her ex-factor issues are like 
the sword of Damocles
hanging over our relationship.

6. Seasons of Love

she came to me
in the autumn of her love.
withered and battered
because of a rough summer.

she drifting on the wings
of the northern winds.
discolored but still
true to her natural shape.

i cuddled her 
throughout the harsh 
and unforgiving winter,

and nurtured her 
through the encouraging 
and recuperating spring.
now she is in
full summer’s bloom.

her radiant smile 
is back,
her shimmering glow
is brilliant again,
the vitality 
is back
in her every step,

the cheerful echo
in her laughter 
can be heard
from miles away

it’s her happy times again. 

Poem about relationships hard times

The difficulties that we face in our relationships can often be the source of great poetry. In fact, many of the most famous poems throughout history have been about the hard times that we experience in our relationships.

This is because poetry provides us with a way to express the deep emotions that we feel during these difficult times. It can be a way to release our pain and share our stories with others who may be going through similar experiences.

7. Loving the Hurt Away

they are hardest to love
when they don’t know 
how to love themselves.

they are harder to please
when they are never satisfied
with the love you give.

they see you through
the lens of broken trust,
scarred emotions and
a heart they no longer want.

i am a barefoot relationship soldier
in a minefield littered
with broken glass hearts.
they often put up 
superficial barriers
because its what they find
safety and security in,

they are always suspicious,
always overprotecting,
always over analysing.

they come from a place
where hearts get treated 
and having a heart 
is an impediment.

it's easy to blame
but please don’t;
to understand
you might be
there only lifeline at this time.

8. Troubled Woman

she came from 
a family tree rooted in pain
where neglect and abuse 
was the liquid 
that watered their roots.	

she grew up in a home
where molestation,
destructive criticism,
fussing and fighting
was the love language
she grew to know.

now she is indifferent
to tender touches,
suspicious of genuine love,
guarded about matters
of the heart
and resentful of things romantic.

she celebrates destruction 
with effortless ease
but finds it hard to see
the need for tenderness.

loving her is like
trying to make delicious bread 
from stone.

being with her
is like living in a house
made of shared glass floor.
my mental health 
is under constant siege,

my face is contorted with stress
and my life takes on 
a new level of complexity
by the passing minutes.

i thought about leaving
so many times before
but somehow
my love for her
compels me to stay.

yes, i know.

but sometimes 
we must be strong enough
to love despite imperfections
and past hurt.

9. Over You

ever since the day 
you walked away
i was over you.
i never looked back
even though i still remember.

my eyes might have leaked
but my soul was never weak.

i have never been tempted
to rekindle the fire
but every now and again
my knees still get weak
at the thought of you.

i have been over you
for a long time now
but in my dreams you still
make my heart leap,
i still quiver at the mention
of your name
and the image of your unspoiled
beauty still gets me jittery.

lonely nights still evoke
fond memories of you and me,
and the sound of those love songs
we use to play
still rings in the halls of my ears.

ever since that day, 
you walked out
of my life 
i was over you.
i never looked back
even though i still remember
so much about you and me.

Final thoughts on poems about relationships

In my opinion, poems about relationships are some of the most beautiful and moving pieces of literature. They capture the highs and lows of human connection and remind us that we are not alone in our experiences.

I find them to be incredibly powerful and moving, and I hope that you have enjoyed reading them as much as I have writing them. Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts on this topic.

Bentinck is a bestselling author in Caribbean and Latin American Poetry, he is a multifaceted individual who excels as both an artist and educator.

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