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Exotic Short Reads Free Online: Seductive Poetry Edition

7 Exotic Short Reads Free Online For The Busy Professional

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Exotic short reads free online are reading materials from various genres that cater to readers in the age of digital distractions. It seems as if every second of the day there is an online article to read or a new series on Netflix to look at. 

Some people enjoy poetry but don’t have the time to read an entire book. For those people, there are places online where they can find a variety of poems by many poets. There are many websites that offer these poems for free by a wide range of well-known poets.

Some of these sites are poetryfoundation.org, allpoetry.com, poets.org, buttonpoetry.com, poems.com, poets.org, hellopoetry.com, and poetry.com.

In a sea of information, it can feel like sensory overload. In reality, most people simply won’t read articles, poems included, unless they pique their interest. So where can you find reading materials that are romantic, ethical, interesting, and memorable to fit the needs of busy readers? In steps, exotic short reads free online to the rescue.

Many people fail to appreciate the true power of poetry by not taking the time to read quality poetry. Just like any other genre, there are different poets who focus on different subject matters.

Find the subject matter and a poet you like and read it. You won’t t regret it. And if you are a busy professional, you have short-read poetry as a starting point. Let’s dive in.

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(Lay it all on me)

i wanna seduce you
to precipice
of your untamed desires
uncontrollable sensations
steal your breath

“With you, i will never be stingy with my romantic words and gestures.”

What is a good website for free books?

Many people are looking for ways to cut back on their spending. Many people are also looking to save space in their homes. If you are one of those people, you may be interested in downloading free books from the internet.

The best website for books is Amazon Kindle because it has a strong selection of books and the prices are very affordable. Amazon Kindle also makes it easy to buy more books without having to go into a store.

My Plea

(I am begging, baby)

i am trying baby,
but am tired of fighting
these surging urges.

i can’t conceal them anymore,
i don’t want to fight any longer.

you set me afire,
you ignite the fuel
in the depths of my soul.

it’s the effortless ease
in which you carry
your essential blessings.

it’s the electricity
in your inviting eyes.
it’s the trailing scent of your
hypnotizing perfume.

it’s your charming and
friendly personality.
it’s your sensuous simplicity.
baby, please.

i am counting my lucky stars
and consulting Shamans,
hoping i have
a fighting chance.

my wilting willpower
as grown weary,
and my reliable resistance
is getting weaker.

i am tired baby,
have mercy on me.
baby, please,
i am weak.

“Give me a reason to beg unashamedly”

Looking for short reads in various genres?

It’s the start of a new year, and while most people are looking to make resolutions, it is also time for readers to look into what new books are on the horizon.

The best way to stay up-to-date with literature is by browsing Amazon’s Kindle Short Reads list, which is updated weekly. Keeping up with current events can be hard enough!

Amazon Kindle short reads are divided into these categories:

The Sheet’s Secrets

(Shh, Sheets don’t speak)

if these sheets
had angelic eyes,
how would they see us?

would they
see us as actors
with contorted faces?

would they
see helpless carnal prisoners
or victims of blistering emotions?

if these sheets
could speak eloquently,
what would they say
to us,
about us?

would they
say we are creating
indescribable memories?
would these once neat sheets
spill our secret?

if these sheets
could feel
would they
scream out under
our fierce and seductive intensity?

would the generated heat
from glistening bodies
tossing and turning burn?

would these sheets
be unintentionally hurt?
if these clean sheets were
neat freaks
would they fret and fuss
a lot,

over their now crumpled state,
created by our sensitive

if these sheets
knew our names
would they call us out?
Saying adamantly:
slow down,
calm down,
just relax!

would these sheets
complain about being drenched? 

“Under a blanket of secrecy, explore me to your heart’s content.”

Satisfy your reading appetite

One of the ways to get your fix for a good story and maintain your sanity is to read. Reading something, anything is an escape from the fast-paced world we live in and gives us a chance to relax.

However, there are many people who do not have time to read books because they are too busy with work or other obligations. That’s where exotic short reads free online comes in. There are many sites that offer free short stories that you can enjoy, anywhere! Here are some sites that offer free reading online:

  • Electric Literature
  • The New Yorker
  • Project Gutenberg
  • Fictionaut
  • Wattpad
  • 3:AM Magazine
  • Inkit


(Drunk with desires)

i can taste the
salacious words
at the tips
of your succulent lips
i get intoxicated.

i embraced
your glistening body
your warm
slippery sweetness
make me drunk.

i can smell
the pure essence
of your natural fragrance
it makes me high.

“i am an addict to the sweetness you give, give to me gentle, pour it on me slowly, whatever you do, baby, dont stop.”

Instapoets: A great source for exotic short reads free online

Instapoets are poets who come up with short poems for Instagram. They often post their poems on social media sites while they write them or when they are complete. These posts can be seen by friends, family members, and other users on the app.

The poems typically have an image of a quote or drawing under them so that others can see what it looks like and may be inspired to write one of their own. With the rise of the Internet and smartphones, it has become easier to access poetry from all over the world.

There are many “Instapoets” in the world today, but one of the most popular is Rupi Kaur. She has published two books of poetry that have been translated into over 30 languages. Her poems are mostly about her experiences with abuse, anorexia, and womanhood.

here are some other Instapoets whose work you will find interesting:

  • Lang Leav
  • Leticia Sala 
  • R. H. Sin
  • Nikita Gill 
  • Cleo Wade
  • Arch Hades
  • Wilson Oryema
  • Christopher Pointdexter
  • Marisa Crane
  • Amanda Torroni

All Yours   

(Take me as I am)

turn on
the red light
and tell me
your surreptitious secrets.

slide out of
your silk dress
and tell me
your deepest
darkest desires.

baby, it’s all yours,
this is your
satisfaction sanctuary
and i’m here
to please.
may i give it to you
all through the night…
i’m all yours.

“I surrender. I give in. Whatever you want me to do, i will do, baby.”

Why read exotic short reads free online?

A great way to entertain yourself during a commute or other boring activity is by reading short stories. The shorter length of short stories makes them easy to read, and they are available all over the internet. Unlike novels, short stories are not as challenging to read.

They are also an excellent way to expand your vocabulary because they use more sophisticated words than what you see in newspapers or magazines. One great site for finding short stories is the International Short Story Project.

My Racing Heart

(the sweet taste of your memories)

when they play those special love songs
my heart races to you.
when the lyrics reach hidden places
and evokes those unforgettable memories,
my heart runs to you.

when those love songs hold my
emotions captive, and leave me yearning;
my heart pleads with you,
my heart calls to you,
my heart breaks for you.

and on those nights when loneliness
gives me a fight,
my heart reaches out to you.

and when i see young lovers at
joyful play,
i remember those special days
my heart sings for you.

and on days like this
when it gets too much;
my heart speaks words of you,
my heart writes to you.

and the more i think of you
the more i see how much
my heart
belongs to you.

Your memories know how to activate my seductive faculties.

Free short stories for book lovers

The world of literature is expanding, and the market for reading material is much larger now than it was 10 years ago. Book lovers are constantly searching for fresh stories to explore.

Thankfully, there are plenty of free short stories available to help satisfy their appetite for literary adventures. Common online sites like Wattpad offer a variety of free short stories in different genres.


(Once is never enough)

when do i see you again?
when do i get to bask in
the glorious glow
of your serene smile?

when do i get to hear
the rhythmic rhythms
of your heart

when do i see you again?
when do i get to see those
dimpled smiles again?

when do i get to sit
in the luxurious comfort of
your motivating company

when can i see you again?
when do i get the opportunity
to get lost in your fascinating eyes?

when do i get to revel in
your welcoming embrace?
when can i feel your tender hands

when do i get the chance
to be with you again?
its only been weeks
since i last saw you,
but it feels like ages.

when do i see you

You give me good reason to beg for more.

When you are short on time read online

Short reads are a great way to get your daily reading done in less time. They’re entertaining, quick and easy to read, and they give you plenty of ideas for other books to read. To find quick reads, head over to the free online literary magazines, which are a great way to read literature for free. There are many genres and themes on these websites, so it’s easy to find something new every time you visit.

The best way to find out what is available is by doing a search. Free poetry edition is a website with a variety of reading materials, including poems, prose, and short stories. Another website is called Poetry Foundation which offers both live readings by famous poets and archived readings from past years.

Exotic short reads free online: short, fast-paced poems, books, and short stories that are quick to read. This literary genre can be defined as short literature that’s sensual in nature.

The short poems can be done in various poetic styles, but what they have in common is brevity and an economy in form and style. The poems shared in this post were taken from the Sheet’s Secrets Series.

Here, we offered you a snippet of poems from the first two books in the series: Desire and Intimacy. We hope these pieces have helped you experience poetry anew and with greater affection, or at least help you better appreciate all that poetry offers.

What were your favorite seductive poems or quotes from the curated selection of exotic free online pieces? Let us know in the comments below.

r. A. bentinck
r. A. bentinck

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