Poem About Child Neglect: Suffering Expressed in Verses

Poem about Child Neglect

Poem about Child Neglect
Poem about Child Neglect

This poem about child neglect is a poignant exploration of one of society’s gravest concerns—child neglect.

Through verses that echo the silent suffering of innocent souls, this post delves into the emotional landscape of neglected children in one poem.

a Child Abuse poem

Child abuse can be a difficult topic for children to express, but several resources and poems offer stories from a child’s perspective.

These stories can help us understand the emotional and psychological impact of abuse on a child. Here is an example of one such poem:

A stranger's Gate

you drop me there
like a piece of dirty rag
for a few minutes
in your viral sermon of explitives
i came to realise
it was my father gate.

you didn't respond
to my cries
like you did
so many times before.

you didn't hear the fear
in my scared desparetate screams.

you just stormed off
and vanished
into the sea of traffic.

did you suddenly got
deaf to the sound
of my distress?

what made it worst
was the the vicious pitbull
wrestling the steal gate
with its muscular physique
to make a meal of me.

you didn't look back!

mommy, why didn't you
hear my screaming pleas?

mommy, why did you
leave me?
mommy? mommy?

Touching Poem of a Little Boy

If you want to read more poems like the one above I would recommend Rebecca Burns’s “My Name is Bobby” a poem she wrote many years ago to help express how she felt a child must feel amid child abuse. 

Child Abuse Through a Poem

Another good one would be “Anger Of A Child Neglected” by Anil Kumar Panda. Dr. Phillip K. Swain said about this piece, “Anger of a little neglected human is delicately depicted in this poignant write”.

Concluding Thoughts on Poem about Child Neglect

Poems about child neglect and abuse help us understand the emotional and psychological impact of abuse on a child.

It’s important to remember that these are just a few examples, and every child’s experience is unique.


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