Make Her Feel Special Poems: 11 heartfelt poems to make her feel loved

Make her feel special poems

When it comes to expressing your love for someone, sometimes it's the simplest things that mean the most. Something as simple as a handwritten poem can show your partner how much you care and make them feel special.
Make her feel special poems
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Make her feel special poems: these heartfelt poems will surely make her feel loved. Each one is written with love and care and is sure to touch her heart.

These poems will surely let her know how much she means to you, from the simple and sweet to the more poetic and heartfelt. Let’s dive right in.

Short make her feel special poems to make her melt

When you want to make your girlfriend feel special, there is nothing better than writing her a heartfelt poem. Just a few lines can convey all your love and adoration for her.

Seeing the words you wrote specifically for her will melt her heart and make her feel incredibly loved. Plus, it’s a thoughtful gesture that she will never forget.

Counting My Blessings

i was counting my blessings
and i found myself
counting you multiple times.

you are a blessing to me
in so many ways,
you make my smile brighter,
you add light to my nights,
you give meaning to my days,

you elevate my spiritual
to higher levels,
you fertilize my creative streams
and you show me
a sweeter side of love.

i counted my blessings
and i had no choice
but to count you
multiple times.

I Don’t Want To Leave

when i’m with you
and time inevitable
reminds us that’s its
time to go-
i don’t want to leave.

it always feels like
we are leaving sweeter
undiscovered moments behind,

it always feels like
we have so much more
to say,

it always feels like
we didn’t have enough time
despite the hours spent
in each other’s company.

every time we are together
and the time comes
when we must leave
i don’t ever want to go.

Did I Tell You Today?

did i tell you today
how much of a blessing you are to me?

did i interrupt your
routines ways just
to remind you
how much you mean to me?

did i remind you
of how much light
your smile adds to my life?

have i told you lately
of how much joy
i get from looking
into your eyes?
did i tell you recently
about invaluable being in
your company is?

did i mentioned
how sweet my name sounds
when it’s coming from
your mouth?

if i haven’t told you
any of this lately
i’m telling you now.

It’s Your Smile

when you see the excitement
in my eyes
and my mannerisms
morphs into childlike gladness,
it’s because of your smile,
it does things to me.

when you see me smiling
as wide as the open fields
it’s in response to the smiles
you are sharing with me.

when you see me
fixating on your face
it’s the magnetism of your smile
that keeps me glued to you.

there is a certain
addictive quality to your smile
that makes me high with joy.

One More Smile

no, it’s not gluttony
nor am i crazy,
i’m just in love
with your smile.

so when i ask you
for one more smile,
or when i do things
just to ignite your sweet smile
its, because i feel so loved
being on the receiving end.

just smile for me
one more time, please.
one more smile.


these days it’s hard
to think of happiness
without thinking about you.

if i were asked
to define happiness
i will have you at
the core of my definition.

you add so much joy
in my daily moments,

you pour so much
in my gladness cup,

it will be difficult for me
to talk about happiness
without including you.

you look like,
feels like and sounds like happiness.

Write poems to make her feel special.

There are few things more important than making your loved one feel special. And what better way to do so than with a heartfelt poem?

A few well-chosen words can convey all your love and admiration for her. So take some time to write a poem that will touch her heart and tell her how much she means to you.


my expression of gratitude
for having you in my life
is more than me saying
thank you
every moment i get.

me showing gratitude is:
getting up in the morning
and giving thanks
to my ancestors,
for every moment
spent with you,

it’s me respecting
your thoughts,
your action,
your body and
your spirituality,

it’s me being there for you
in unexpected ways,
it’s me singing you praise,
it’s me, including you
in every line, i write,

it’s me being willing to
stand up for you,
to protect you,
to guide you,
to walk with you
through your shadowy valleys,

it’s me seeing the true woman
in you,
it’s me helping you, groom
your wings so you can fly high,
it’s me elevating you
so you can reach the once

me showing my gratitude
for having you in my life
is shown in more than me
just saying thank you.

No Words Needed

we spend so much time
sharing ideas,
discussing a plethora of issues,

but there are moments
when we walk in
the company of each other silence
and so much is said
in those wordless moments.

i get to feel the purity
of your vibration and
the richness of your spirituality,
i get to savor the unfiltered you.

we spend countless hours talking
but in the moments of silence
so much more is revealed
and experienced beyond
the limitations of words.

Sweeter by the Day

my moments with you
get sweeter by the day.

every time we feel like
it couldn’t get better,

here we were,
like fools smiling
in a moment, that’s
sweeter than the last.

every time we feel like
this is our best moment yet
we come upon an experience
that’s better than the last.

i have come to recognize that
every moment with you
get sweeter by the day.

I Hear Your Voice

i sit in silence
to facilitate the manifestation
of your memories,

then i hear your voice
in the halls of my imagination
and it feels just a divine
as when i’m in your presence.

your voice is the sound
my ears love to hear,

your voice is the music
that compels my heart
to dance with a joyful rhythm,

your voice, it’s the sound
i love to hear.

your voice, it’s the melody
that makes me appreciate
the sweet sounds that love
can create.

When Again

time flies,
day turns to night,
weeks turn to months,
and sweet moments keep accumulating.

amidst it all, silently
i always ask,
when will i see you again?

i know i will see you again,
i know you are just a call away
but still, i always ask,
when will i see you again?

moments with you are beyond sweet
they are life-altering,
they are life-elevating,
they are refreshing,
its why i silently ask,
when will i see you again?

My final words on make her feel special poems

In conclusion, I believe that make her feel special poems can be a very effective way to show your love and affection for someone. They can be used to express your deepest emotions and feelings and are often very touching and beautiful.

If you want to show your partner how much you care about them, I highly recommend trying poetry.

Bentinck is a bestselling author in Caribbean and Latin American Poetry, he is a multifaceted individual who excels as both an artist and educator.

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