Love in the Air. Love, Lust and Lyrics: Poems About February

Poems About February

Poems About February

February is a month where love and warmth are the focus. This is especially true for Valentine’s Day, which takes place on February 14th. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, there’s no better way to show your love than with a poem about February. Here are five poems that will remind you of all the reasons why February is one of the most romantic months of the year.

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February is a month for love

February is a month for love. For centuries, people have celebrated love in different ways around the world. Some people get married in February, others give Valentine’s Day gifts, and still, others hold romantic dinners. Whatever your love interests may be, there’s no doubt that February is a month full of romance.

February 14th

Poems About February

long after
the taste of chocolate fades
from the tips of your tongue,
my love for you
would still be around.

long after picked red roses
wither and die
my love for you
will still be alive.

this love will continue
to withstand the test of
cold shoulders,
silent treatments,
arguments and disagreements

this love will continue
to fight through tough days,
tough weeks,
tough months,
and tough years.

this love has staying power!

long after scented candles
burn out this love
will continue to shine brightly.

Love and affection are associated with poems about February

Love is in the Air

Poems About February

i can feel the winds
of love
in the atmosphere-
love is blowing with the wind.

it’s in the way
we look at each other-
love’s fragrance fills the air

it’s in the way
we touch each other
love is at the tips of our fingers.

it’s in the way
we feel for each other-
love dominates this space.

we can’t deny it,
no need to hide it,
love is in the air.

Poems about February offer reader an opportunity to reflect on love 

Your Love is Everything

Poems About February

your love is everything
to me,
it’s the light that guides me
through the dark,
and it’s the hand
that helps me stand
when i feel like i can’t go on.

your love is everything
to me
and when i’m with you
i am complete.

your love is everything
to me,
it’s the air i breathe and
the sun that shines,
it’s the melody that
sets my heart free.

your love means everything
to me.

Poems about February are full of love, warmth, and happiness

Just You and Me

Poems About February

just you and me
is all we need,
we don’t need anyone else.
sometimes we just need
some time alone
to ourselves, to reflect and just be.

it’s just you and me
no interruptions, no distractions
just peace and quiet,
in each other’s company,
just you and me.

we can talk or not talk,
it doesn’t matter
we’ll be happy
just being together,
just you and me,

holding each other’s hands,
walking, laughing, smiling,
enjoying each other’s company,
just you and me.

it’s the little things
like simply being together
perfectly happy in our little world
that brings us closer together,
just you and me.

Until i see you again, i will sit here abd read this collection of poems about February

To See You Again

Poems About February

waiting to see you again
feels like an eternity
i can’t wait to see
your smiling face,

smell your alluring fragrance,
and hear the charm in your voice
as i am carried away,
a prisoner of your sweetness.

i miss your presence so much
when you’re gone
but i know i’ll see you again.

i can’t help but smile when
i think of you, i can’t wait
to see you again.

Just by reading poems about February i can your presence around me and it feels really sweet

The month is associated with love and Saint Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air this month, and there’s no better way to celebrate it than with a day dedicated to it! Saint Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14th each year and is believed to have originated from a Roman festival in honor of the goddess Venus. Today, love is celebrated all over the world through special gifts, sweet treats, and romantic gestures. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, take some time to appreciate all the love around you!

Candle Light Dinner

Poems About February

if there’s one thing i know
for sure,
it’s that candlelight dinner
with you,
never grows old.

it’s always intimate, sensual,
and feels so special.

we often share a bottle of wine,
and talk about
anything and everything.

the hours just fly by,
and before we know it,
the night is over.

but that’s okay,
because i already know
that i’ll be planning
the next candlelight dinner
with you.

Poems about February are full of love, warmth, and happiness

Chocolate on Your Lips

Poems About February

you make it so hard
to resist
when there is
added sweetness on your lips.

there is chocolate on your lips
and i can’t resist the taste,
the smell, the feel

it’s such a rush
i can’t get enough
of chocolate on your lips.

i can’t resist you,
nor the chocolate on your lips,
i can’t help but give in
to my cravings for you.

Poems about February is like a bouquet of roses with celetial fragrance

Come Closer Now

Poems About February

come closer now and
let me whisper in your ear
compliments and secrets
i have yet to share.

let me tell you how much
i want you, need you, crave you and
how much life is better with you.

so close your eyes,
take a deep breath, and relax,
come closer now and
let me show you what love can be-
a beautiful dance of two hearts
beating as one.

when we’re together
nothing else matters in the world,
let me into your heart and mind
so we can have a good time.

come closer now, my love
i need to feel your touch,
i want to kiss those lips
and feel your body next to mine
come closer now, my love
i need you by my side.

Read poems about February to find your way into the secret crevices of her heart

Holding You Close

i could hold you close
in forever and never let go,
your enticing body is so warm and soft
i don’t want to let you go.

your scent fills my sensual senses
and i can’t get enough of you
i could spend forever in your arms
and be perfectly happy.

i want to hold you close,
never let you go.

i love being with you
your presence fills me up
with happiness and love.
i just want to hold you close
and never let you go.

I can feel your essence in poems about February

February is the shortest month of the year

February is the shortest month of the year. This is because it is located between January and March, which are the two longest months. There are only 28 days in February, which is one fewer day than there are in January and March combined. February also contains Valentine’s Day, which makes it a busy month.

Scented Candles and You

Poems About February

scented candles bring a smile
to our face,
especially when they’re lit
and i am near you.

i love the way they make
the room smells heavenly,
in the comfort of your presence.

scented candles are
our memory makers,
they fuel our romantic fire,
add wings to our flaming desires,
and fertilize miles of smiles.

scented candles fill up the room
with all we need
to keep our spirits
burning bright
while our love keeps us
warm at night.

scented candles and you
bring peace and serenity,
the flames flicker and dance
and cast a warm, soft glow,
it’s the perfect way of relaxing
after a long, hard day.

Sipping a glass of wine while reading poems about February is relaxing 

Candlelight and Fine Wine

Poems About February

candlelight and fine wine
make the night divine.

the mellow and smooth nature
complement each other
like two lovers
under the moonlight sky.

the candle flame loves to flicker
and dance, reflecting off the wine glass,
they are like two lovers  
sitting together,
enjoying each other’s company.

I enjoy the feelings of lying in your arms while you read me  poems about February 

Lying in Your Arms

Poems About February

there’s no place
i will rather be than
lying in your arms tonight.

lying in your arms,
i feel like i’m home,
i am at peace with all
that surrounds me.

i can relax here,
safe and secure,
knowing i am not alone.

your presence is comforting,
like a warm blanket on a cold
winter’s night.

i love being here with you,
lying in your arms,
lost in your embrace,

hearing your heartbeat
whispering, reminding me of the love
you share
with me.

in your arms, i feel complete
the one place i’m meant to be
your warmth and love surround me
and in this moment i’m free,

i can forget about the world outside
and just focus on being here
it’s the only time i feel truly safe
lying in your arms, my love.

Stimulate my thoghts and imagination with poems about February 

The Love You Bring

Poems About February

to me its everything
the love you bring.

it’s the light of my life
it fills me with happiness
and makes me feel whole.

your love is the one thing
that i can always rely on,
it’s the one thing that
makes me feel better
when everything else
seems to go wrong.

the love you bring
is so divine
it comes to me like the sun in the sky
i can’t help but feel its warmth
and light; it fills my heart and
makes everything right
the love you bring.

with your love, i can conquer any fear
and face whatever life throws my way,
there’s nothing that
i can’t do or be,
it’s all because of the love you bring.

Poems about February can help to show her how much you care  

One More

Poems About February

just one more.
one more kiss,
one more embrace,
one more sweet whisper,
one more holding hand.

there’s so much
i want to do with you,
but time is so unfriendly
to us whenever we meet.
just one more minute with you.

just one more.
one more smile,
one more of your laughter,
one more dance,
one more touch.
just one more.

there is so much left
that i still need
to see
to feel
to experience with you.

i don’t want to let you go,
not just yet; there are still some things
that i want to do to and with you.

one more moment is all i need
just to get to satisfy
my insatiable desires for you.

Can you read one more piece from poems about February for me?  


With poems about February love will certainly be in the air every day. Whether it’s through poems, songs, or simply spending time with loved ones, there are many ways to express our love daily. So why not take the time to find ways to celebrate all things related to love every month? Whether you’re single or in a relationship, there’s no reason why you cannot enjoy love or reading poems about February!

Thank you for taking the time to read. Which one of the poems about February was your favorite? Share in the comments below.

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