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Sensual Poems

11 Sensual Poems to Keep Her on the Precipice of Desires

Sensual Poems for Her

Sensual Poems

Sensual poems are about the eroticism and pleasure that can be experienced in life. They can be written about anything from a simple touch to a passionate kiss. They can be written with words or with images, and they can be read aloud or privately. They can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

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Luscious Desires

No matter what your age, there’s a good chance you’ve fantasized about some type of intimate encounter or another. In fact, according to a recent study, roughly one-third of adults have had an erotic dream at least once in their life. Whatever fantasy don’t be afraid to get creative and explore your innermost desires!

1. Let’s Make Music

come compose music
with me.

allow me to fiddle my way
around in the deep of the night
just to discover the exact combination
of your musical keys.

let me tap
on your drums with my stick,
extracting musical melodies
that fills the still of the darkness,
causing the attentive stars
to dance in appreciation.

come make music
with me.

can i place my lips
on the tips of your
saxophone just to hear
your melodies in amorous key?

come play music
with me.

come sing with me
while our deep breath
provides the perfect
instrumental accompaniment.

come arrange music
with me.

come let’s get lost
in this music,
disturbing the peacefulness
of our neighbors’ night’s sleep.

come make music
with me.

Delectable Desires

What is it about a woman that makes her so irresistible? Is it her sexiness, her curves, or her innocence? Some say that it’s the combination of all three. What are your thoughts?

2. Weak

there is electricity
in every deft touch,
she paralyzes my senses
with her sweltering embrace.

her every word
becomes an
unintentional command
and i was obedient.

there is something
in the divine essence
of her being
that renders me weak.


What are some irresistible desires that we all have? Some say that there is no such thing as an irresistible desire, while others maintain that every person has at least one. Regardless of what others may think, some desires are truly hard to resist.

3. Bulging Desires

my bulging signs
of insatiable desires
snitched on
my secret intentions.

her glittering eyes fixated
in profound appreciation,
and her quivering lips
spoke clearly
of her silent consent.

we gravitated gradually
towards each other,
no spoken words.

eyes locked in intense
and unspeakable passion,
she consumed me
like a starved animal
at nature’s buffet table.


People always crave something new and unique. Lovers often seek pleasure and satisfaction in different ways. Some crave excitement and new experiences, while others may enjoy spending time with each other simply relaxing. Whatever pleases you as a couple is a right choice for you.

4. Night Kicks

pleasure notes flowed abundantly
from the tips of her
baby soft lips.

her body wiggled
under the pressure
of overwhelming desires
and delightful sensations

while the sheet
on the once
well-kept bed
crumpled under the heat
and excitement of restless bodies.

her favorite pillow
became the victim of
inadvertent kicks
and fell to the ground unnoticed.

Pleasurable Needs

People have different needs that make them happy. Some people need to feel needed, others need to feel loved, and still, others need to feel appreciated. Understanding which needs a person has can help you cater to those needs and make them happy.

5. Midnight Pleas

wake up, baby.
can’t you feel my need for you?
i know you endured
a long hard day
but these cravings for you
wouldn’t go away.

they wouldn’t let me sleep.

wake up, baby.
i know its past midnight
but i am losing this fight
i know you fed these cravings
multiple times for
the night,
but they are asking for more.

more of what
you just gave me,
more of what
you just lay on me.

wake up, baby.
these yearnings are
driving me insane.

they are about to slay me.
baby, wake up please,
wake up,
wake up,
wake up, baby!

please. wake up, baby.

Enjoying these poems? Read more in the full collection below:


There’s something innately alluring about temptation. Whether it be the siren song of a juicy piece of chocolate, our desires can be incredibly powerful. But what happens when these desires become too much to handle? What happens when we can’t help but indulge in them, no matter what the consequences?

6. Linger a Little Longer

on days like this
when you look so fine,
i am tempted to ask,
linger a little longer.

you light up the atmosphere
with glorious vibes
and your electrifying smile,
why wouldn’t you
linger a little longer?

i can’t face the thought that
you must go so soon,
so i’m building up the courage
to say, please,
linger a little longer.

it’s not every day i get
to see you this way,
you ought to linger
a little longer.

i’m running out of reasons
to ask you to wait a while
so please,
just linger a little longer.


Lovers always want the best for each other, no matter what. And what better way to show your love for someone than by wishing them the happiest of days?

7. All My Tomorrows

she told him
for the first time
in their relationship,

“i love you.”

he paused in the
luxurious comfort
of a satisfied smile
then asked,

“how much?”

she confidently responded,
“enough to want you
in all my tomorrows”                                          


There is something about temptation that we can’t help but be drawn to. Whether it’s a delicious dessert or a beautiful person, we find ourselves succumbing to the temptation time and time again. But what is it about temptation that makes us so vulnerable?

8. Lipstick and Stilettoes

her passionate words dripped
like warm honey
from those cherry lips.

they were
the perfect entrapment
for the uninitiated.

her graceful strides
decorated the bland pavement
and she leaves
a perfumed beauty trail
you are compelled to follow.

the teasing click
of her stiletto heels
was melodic music
to the willing ear of lustful youths.

we were all innocent victims
of her pied piper charm.

we got lost in
the passionate following,
losing bits of our
moral senses daily
to her irresistible charm.

losing sight of our
sensible goals
just to wish upon
her sultry stars.

Unleashing the Freak

There is something special about a woman who is unafraid to be herself. She is unabashed in her passion and her beliefs, and she doesn’t care what other people think of her. This type of woman stands out from the rest, and it’s why so many men are drawn to her.

9. Play Naughty For Me

the stage is clear,
the audience has left,
it’s just you and me
play naughty for me.

lay your lines on me
let your imagination
run wild and free
let your erotic
fantasies explode
on me.

lights, camera, action!

take one, take two, take three.
take all the time you need.
just play naughty for me.

the curtains is closed,
put on your best backstage show.
just do it for me,

take one, take two, take three.
take all the time you need.
just play naughty for me. 

Intense Desires

For some people, intense desires can be a source of pleasure and satisfaction. For others, they can be a source of discomfort and stress. What is it about intense desires that makes them so compelling to all of us?

10. Boiling Point

i am the water
in her percolator,
when she turns me on
the heat gets too much
i begin to boil.

when the heat is more than i can bear
i begin to spew steam
and make pressure-releasing sounds.

i am the water
in her percolator,
when she turns me on and
the heat gets too much
i begin to boil.

today, she turned me on and
forgot to unplug me,
now am spewing excess steam.

Wild Thoughts

Wild thoughts are those that go beyond what is considered normal or reasonable. They can be unsettling, even frightening, but they can also be liberating. They can help us to see things in a new light and to explore possibilities that we may never have considered before.

11. Wild Heartbeats

backed up against
my bedroom wall
by wild thoughts of you.

my heartbeat gallops across
a field of insatiable urges.

i’m arrayed in
beads of perspiration
from ravishing thoughts of you.

my heartbeat bucks
out of control,
i’m panting for breath
and refreshing air.

i am straddled by
intense and immediate desires,
my mind is on fire fantasizing about you.


Sensual poems are a great way to express your love and appreciation for someone. They are also a great way to let loose and enjoy yourself. If you are looking for a way to spice up your love life, consider reading these sensual poems to that special someone. If you enjoy these poems read more from the full collection, Underneath the Poetry and Bad Girl Stricken.

Thank you for taking the time to read which one of the 11 poems was your favorite? Share in the comment section.                      

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r. A. bentinck

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